Shaping Thoughts II

January 16, 2024


If you want a group of people to start behaving in a certain way, all you have to do is teach them to behave that way and lead them by example

If you have the charisma and the leadership bearing to do this, you will have people believing and behaving the way you desire within a short time

The human mind is subject to programming and reprogramming

We crave new ideas, and a better life and seek to improve ourselves naturally; sometimes we have no idea how to do this and assume we have gotten it right until a superior idea and way of thinking comes our way, we change

We always do

Animals couldn’t be colonized because they lack a functional mind which can be programmed, humans, however, have proven from tribe to tribe and from language to language that they can be programmed to think in a certain way if they have the right kind of leadership

A religious leader arises out of nowhere, does a few dazzling magic here and there and before you know it people flock to him or her because they have life issues that they are desperate enough to run to him for

He in turn tells them he will solve their problems in exchange for their loyalty

He recruits them into his religion and then he begins to program their minds with whatever it is while giving them a bit of succor for their ills

Before you know it, simply listening to him and watching him daily, they see that he is a “good” and “powerful” man, then they call him their saviour and their messiah, their Guru or Sensei, and they begin to conform to his image, his way of dressing, manner of talking, way of walking, lifestyle, mindset, and worldview

Anybody can be programmed and reprogrammed by anyone with a superior mindset and the charisma to lead people in this manner

I was with a friend in Ibadan a few months ago and I was shocked by the level of reprogramming that had subtly been done on him by one of his friends who is an herbalist


Even though he was born a Christian, he started telling me that Ifa (a demonic oracle) is binary and that African traditional religion is the real deal.

He talked for hours

He even asked me to share with him where I got the power I use in ministry because his friend told him all the pastors and ministers of the gospel have herbalists, they sneak to at night to collect power and backing.

I listened to him patiently

He was a childhood friend and we have a long history

He also mentioned a Guru character somewhere and said all sorts of things

I had an angel with me that day though, we had our weekly prophetic service earlier that morning before I set off for Ibadan and the angel of God’s presence stayed with me throughout my drive to Ibadan

We were having certain discussions amidst long spells of silence and my friend did not see or sense this angel

He was just talking and talking like a transistor radio

When he got to the point where he had riled me up and provoked me enough with his foolishness, I called his attention to the angel in the room

I said, “Sam, you kept talking about all these strange powers that you have encountered with your herbalist friend and you are not even aware that we are not alone in this room.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes like, “Stop yanking my chain”

Suddenly he screamed and fell under the anointing at about 5:30 pm

I remember the time because we had Dominion prayers that month and I led the prayers from 6-7 pm daily till the next morning and then throughout the next day

He was on the rug, totally gone under the influence of the Holy Spirit

When he came to, his body was twitching and his knees were wobbling

He kept looking at me in a strange way

Whenever he would open his mouth to speak, tongues would burst forth

My friend who claimed to be an investigator into the African traditional religion is today a fervent Christian

His herbalist friend banished him from coming near him ever again after our encounter, an elderly man he also consults for charms died four days after our encounter, and an elderly woman whom he goes to once a week with a bottle of water which she blessed before pouring on his head to protect him from witchcraft also died when he went back to her to continue the rite

He called and gave me this feedback, scared of all the changes happening around him

He wanted to join our fellowship, learn about Jesus, and master the life and reality we have in Christ

Do you remember my opening line to this piece? “If you want a group of people to start behaving in a certain way, all you have to do is teach them to behave that way and lead them by example If you have the charisma and the leadership bearing to do this, you will have people believing and behaving the way you desire within a short time”

Can you see that I had done the same thing to my friend and now he is willing to be reprogrammed to do Christ?

I didn’t use prayer points and I didn’t rely on words when I could deliver by the demonstration of the Spirit of God

When you try to train people through prayer points, you end up messing up their minds because words are important in reprogramming the mind

If I pray against something, it means, I am afraid of that thing

If I pray for something, it means I desire that thing

Unfortunately, in the realm of the Spirit, there are no negatives

Our prayers are converted to incense (Psalm 141:2, Rev 8:3-4) and they are taken up to God by angels to be a sweet-smelling fragrance in His presence

When you pray “Fall down and die” “Let them go mad” ” May it not be better for them” or “Back to sender” prayers, you have committed a spiritual error

Angels are blessed beings and they carry only positive words that fit into heavenly codes to God

You will never see an angel watching over curses or negative words

By their making, they are light and they do only the things about the light If the words of a believer do not fall to the ground and angels cannot attend to the words already spoken because they are negative, guess what powers then attend to the words spoken by such a believer who curses all the time while claiming to be praying? Yeah, you got that right! Demons.

Demons are accursed and they attend to curses

They are a by-product of curses and they must watch over curses and perform them

On one hand, you have ministering Spirits and angels attending to blessings and goodwill prayers to perform them, on the other hand, you have demons and fallen angels attending to curses and negative words to perform them

This is why the testimonies in the “fall down and die” churches always involve evil spirits choking, pressing, sitting on, biting, sleeping with, fingering their brains and their bodies, and taking over their reality

They might not have signed a pact with the devil directly but by the words of their own mouth in the place of prayer, they have engaged the services of demonic entities Jesus

told John never to curse or call down fire on anyone because of the manner of Spirit in him Luke 9:55

We all speak and pray according to the manner of the Spirit within us.

Apostle Paul demonstrated the Spirit as often as he could to believers, he actually deliberately went to some churches to establish them in the right doctrine (not doctrine of rules and regulations as we see in many churches today) but doctrines of the Spirit

He didn’t go to them to show off that he is anointed, he taught them they were anointed and then he made them demonstrate it so that they were convinced of who they are no longer feared the power of the enemy

This is the right programming for the true believer

He or she must know the word of God and then he or she must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit in a manner that can be demonstrated at will in any circumstances he or she may find himself or herself

I met a lady on Twitter, she was living in Ota, Ogun State

She comes to Twitter to rant about her next-door neighbour who happened to be an herbalist who was always burning strange stuff, chanting incantations, and invoking spirits next door to her room

She was filled with fear that what the man was doing might cause her harm

The logical thing to do was move out of the house but she had no money and her complaints to the landlord fell on deaf ears

She started asking for help on social media, someone tagged me in the post

I called her and told her to read Ezekiel 1, 2, 3 out loud in her room for just one night and then go to sleep, the herbalist moved out the next day

The funny thing is, the lady was not even born again at the time

She didn’t need prayer points, she needed to demonstrate the superiority of the power of God at work in her. She didn’t need a prayer contractor, she needed to become the territorial spirit in that area, why the church no longer teaches and establishes believers in this truth I do not understand

The “fall down and die prayer points are not only ineffective, but they also have a psychological effect on the believer as they tend to say to him or her “Those things can harm you” whereas, nothing shall by any means hurt me!”

Jesus said that, nothing shall by any means hurt GSW! I am immune from whatever the enemy has to throw at anyone

The weapons of the enemy’s warfare are ineffective on me

This is the truth for you too

The devil simply has no jurisdiction in the light he cannot touch a believer

He is forbidden from touching a believer Read Zechariah 3, again and again and again

The reason so many believers have fallen prey to the devil’s antics is because they are full of fear, not faith

Their prayers and mindset and the environment they create around them make them easy prey to the enemy

The Apostles didn’t pray such prayers and none of the disciples did. Jesus didn’t

Where did our GOs and Pastors learn such prayers from? Surely not from the Holy Spirit

Church leaders who ought to do an assessment and change tactics however have failed to do so

They only invent more devilish prayer points for the consumption of the gullible and this only keeps their denominations in bondage

It is time to change our approach as believers

We cannot continue to pray evil prayers and expect good results

Romans 3:8 We speak right, as children who are well-trained, we speak our minds clearly and as we are given utterance. We do not speak fear, or think evil. We are the children of the blessed one

This is our programming; we bless and we curse not

We bless those who hate us, those who persecute us, and those who spitefully use us. We spread the fragrance of the gospel all over the world. We Have The right to Rule (Rom 5:17; Rev 1:5; 1 Pet 2:9; Eccl 8:4)

The Bible says we are kings and priests, and as kings, we have the right to rule.

To reign means to rule, to govern. We must walk with the mentality of a king, a peculiar people, and a chosen generation.

God has given us the divine ability to cause changes. As kings our words are powerful when we speak, we speak words of power.

The Bible says, “Ye are gods” (Psalms 82:6)

We do not rule when we pray fall down and die prayers

We rule when we demonstrate the power of God, capture the enemy into the gospel, and then make them learn the gospel from us

They open their doors to us freely and submit under our leadership, we then teach them the gospel and change their mindsets

Before you know it, they have a new culture, we would have eradicated that negative mindset that breeds evil reality from them and replaced it with the environment of Christ.

PS: When you pray in tongues, you do yourself a huge favor

Your prayer points are actually useless, according to the Bible in Romans 8: 26: Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession [a]for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. 27 Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

You actually don’t know what is good for you or how to pray for it

The Holy Spirit however knows and when you pray in the Spirit the Holy Spirit searches your heart and your life and then the right words that fit into your reality in him are released through your mouth in understanding by the Spirit

This is why some will fast for months with little result and some will feast for months and get back-to-back results

Pray in the Holy Ghost, it is the key to divine synchronization with the Holy Spirit in the will of God



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