Sentiment and The Pneuma

April 28, 2022


Living a Holy life is not
difficult in itself, I believe if
any one of us were to be
living in this world alone, he
or she would be Holy by
default because there will be
nobody to offend or hurt by
our actions. Living a Holy
Life is difficult when we have
relationships and other
sentimental issues to consider.

A brother stole, ran into the house,
and hid from those pursuing him.
The pursuers knocked on the door
demanding that the thief be handed
over to them. This thief had
a brother, the owner of the House,
a Holy life advocate. Everybody knew
him to be pious and upright.
The people will take his word
for it. He opens the door and
was asked if the thief was
in the house. They told him
what had been done and the
penalty was for the thief to be lynched?
Would the Holy brother hand his
“thief” of a brother over to the
mob or lie that the thief didn’t
come into the house to protect
his brother?
Would he put his reputation above
brotherhood or betray his brother
to protect his good name?

In theology, they refer to this as
“Situationism”. This means he
must isolate the situation and act
according to his good judgment.
“Under the controversy of the
person-situation debate, situationism
is the theory that changes in human
behavior are factors of the situation
rather than the traits a person possesses.
Behavior is believed to be influenced
by external, situational factors rather
than internal traits or motivations”

More often than not, the Holy brother
would protect his unrighteous brother
from the mob by lying that his
brother was not at home in
order to dissuade the angry mob from
punishing his brother. Does this action
then make this Holy brother a hypocrite?
Would he be seen as a hero
for protecting his brother or an
accomplice to the crime his brother
committed by protecting him?
Is this man still “Holy” or has
he now become “Unholy”?
If he released his brother to
be killed by the mob, would he
be condemned by God for placing his
reputation above the life of His
brother or blessed by God for
releasing his brother to the mob
So that he will not sully his
good name by condoning or protecting
a sinner.

There are the issues that make
those claiming to be Holy by
their deeds absolute liars.
Jesus said no one is good
except for God alone and I
totally agree with this.

A man was once awakened by
the Holy Spirit in the middle
of the night. The Holy Spirit said
“You need to leave the house now
so that you will not miss your
flight to the mission field I have
commanded you to go”.The man
was resuming as a missionary to a
country in North Africa and the
flight was by 11 AM. The Holy
Spirit woke him up at 3 AM and
told him to leave immediately.
He got up, dressed up, and
woke his wife from sleep.
His wife was to resume at
this mission field with him and
they had to travel together.
As soon as his wife woke up
she shouted “You’re always
too anxious, the flight is for
11AM and you’re asking me
to wake up now. No way,
I need to sleep pls, the journey
from this house to the airport
is one hour, so I plan to
leave the house by 9 AM.
That way, I will have an hour
to attend to any emergency”
He explained as much as he
could, begged and pleaded but
his wife just rolled to the other
side of the bed and slept off.
What was he to do?
Leave her behind in obedience
to the Holy Spirit or wait
for her knowing they would
miss their flight.
It was a tough decision but
he succumbed to his wife’s decision
and sat from that time until
she woke up by 6:30. They left
by 7 AM as she stated but
as soon as they got to the
highway they discovered there
was a burning taker on the road
and they had to wade through
heavy traffic. By the time they
got to the airport, it was 2 AM.
The Bishop of their mission, who got
to the airport on time saw their
action as “unseriousness” and
terminated their employment”
It was a case of damned if
you do and damned if you don’t.
If he had left without his wife,
he might keep his job but
he might just not have a wife
anymore. When they got to
the airport, he said “You got
us into this mess”
His wife said “Why didn’t
you leave when the Holy Spirit
told you to leave? You’re
now blaming me for your disobedience”
Some of us here would say
“I will obey the Holy
Spirit at all cost but we
make decisions like this every day.
We give sentiment it’s due and
bear the consequences despite
knowing whatever it was could
have been avoided.

I remember a day the Holy Spirit
said to me “Do not leave
this house tomorrow, I want to
spend time with you”. I had
just bought a car at the time
and I would take every opportunity
to drive it in order to perfect
my driving skills.The next morning,
9AM, a brother from church
came knocking. He said he wanted
to go and visit one of our
church members who had been
hospitalized and would like us to
go together. I told him “I am
not going out today sir”
He said “Oh, we need to take
Some provisions to the sick man and
I have bought everything. All
I am asking of you is to
drive me to the hospital, I will
fuel your car” I said “No sir,
I am not going out today”

This man took offense
“Why are you being selfish?
Don’t you have any milk of human
kindness in you? One of our
members is sick and he needed provisions,
I am not asking you to contribute any
money but I cannot
carry all the materials without help
and you’re denying this help?”
I didn’t budge. Right then and there
the man called the senior pastor
and reported me. The pastor said
the man should give me the phone.
I took the call and explained
that I couldn’t leave the house
because the Holy Spirit told me
to stay at home that day and
not to step out.
The pastor laughed and said
“The spirit of a prophet is subject
to a prophet. I am asking
you as my son to take Elder
so and so to the hospital right away”
I said “Yes sir”
I dressed up and got into the car
The elder got in with me.
We drove for about five minutes
and were about linking the highway
when some policemen came out of
nowhere pointing their guns at us,
calling us thieves. They said they
had a report that a car like mine
had just been snatched by armed robbers.
They got into the car and commanded me
to drive to the police station.
I presented all my papers, begged
and pleaded. They refused to release
the car. After an hour, the elder
took the provisions and left me.
He said he needed to attend
to the person that was sick
in the hospital. Suddenly he knew
how to take public transport.
I was at that station all day.

When it was 7pm, the DPO
came and released my car without
collecting a penny. As I drove home,
I started asking for forgiveness
from the Holy Spirit. I didn’t
spend the day with him as
He instructed, instead I spent it
running about like a headless chicken
because of sentiment.

Should I have defied my pastor
and become labeled as a rebel
or a selfish oaf?
How would he then trust me
with other responsibilities in future?
Do you know what the elder said?
“You didn’t really want to go,
that is why this happened.
You were reluctant to serve”

Again, whose fault?


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