Selective Consumption

January 15, 2022


Dont allow hate to consume you
Dont fall for negative emotion
under any guise
If you are on social media reading stuff
and you find yourself getting angry,
agitated, bitter and resentful
Close the app or delete it
Many of the contents you are reading
are posted by people whose reality
you dont want to share
To be angry all the time unsettles
your spirit
Be deliberate about who you
follow on social media
Block whoever you need to block for
the sake of your sanity
You must guard your heart with all
diligence, you must keep away from
lust provoking content posted by
many of the misguided handles on
this app
You must keep away from political
contents that rather than educate
you is causing your imagination to
lean towards violence and hatred
You must be responsible for your
wholeness physically, spiritually
and mentally
Once you see the posts
are abusive, gory, lustful, inciting and
tempting please block the handle
Choose your own content or delete
the app

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