See Right, Act Right

February 17, 2021


I find myself unable to discuss or see
people in a negative light
It was a strange place to be
A whole new realm that isolated me
in some way
When I am among people and the topic
goes in the direction of Mr. So and So
did this evil thing to me or Mrs. Such
and such said the
following things about me
I find my skin crawling and my
defenses up
I don’t do this naturally, it just is.
When I am with my team and we’re
discussing stuff, I dodge all the
unnecessary stuff
I don’t want to know who is doing
that bad thing or who is not performing
up to par
I find it nauseating to say the least
Talking ill of people even when it
ought to be discussed
A brother caught covid from his
They were not married and ought
not to be together that way
Someone pointed my attention to
it and I felt somehow
Like the person wanted to
force-feed me poison
The person meant well and I should
know what is going on but I really
couldn’t bear the heaviness of such
I understand that it is normal for
people to share such talks and
bond over it
I once worked as a personal assistant
to a pastor who will pick a
person and talk about the person
with his wife all the way from Lagos
to Ibadan and will still chew the
person like a bone all the way from
Ibadan back to Lagos
He will keep digging out faults and
misdeeds like a dog unearthing
buried bones
It was a crazy habit I could barely
stand at that time
There was a day the pastor’s driver
came to my office and told me the
pastor picked me as a topic and
talked about me all the way from
Lagos to his home town in Ekiti and
on the trip back to Lagos
I was like Trump to CNN on that trip
The driver said “Oga and
Madam finished you, sir!
There was nothing about you they
didn’t dissect.
The driver wanted to keep talking
but I shut him down.
I don’t care even if I was the topic
of the discussion.
I don’t want to talk about those who
are talking ill of me.
I find myself resenting the driver
for bringing me the information
I had to tell the Holy Spirit to please
cleanse my heart of all negative feelings
brought about by his words to me
towards my former boss and him.
I was once with two friends I love
One of them had a radio studio and
the other was a veteran journalist.
Both of them had been cruelly dealt
with by a media organization they
both worked with at a time
I was there to present a GSW stories
They both got talking about their plight
How this did that and how that did those
Where and when meetings were held
against them
by their former colleagues and how
they had been badly betrayed by people
I knew the people they were talking
about although I didn’t work in the
same organization as them
Their words changed how I perceived
these people
I disliked that
I don’t want your experience with
people to taint how I see them or
relate with them
I will rather see the best in everybody
I get a lot of feedback about people
and to some close associate I am
playing the ostrich by simply refusing
to hear their version of the evil being
done by some other people
I sometimes
feel their need to talk to me and how
my shutting them down made them feel
It is indeed human to desire to be
listened to but if what you are going
to say will denigrate someone else,
I really don’t want to hear it
If people are ganging up against
you – pray
If you are sure the Holy Spirit was the
one that revealed your enemies to you
please don’t report them to me
I simply don’t want the information
that will smear someone else or drag
them in the mud
I notice Twitter is full of those who
thrive on gossip, bad blood, violence,
and mental abuse
I have read several times the claim
“I am here for the violence”
I pity people like that
Scavengers like vultures and termites
They feed off dead flesh because
they are dead within
I am an eagle, I have all the
communication I need in my divine
I pity also people who count themselves
so important that when a slight is done
against them it destabilizes them easily
Someone wrote something about me
recently, many queued up on my timeline
expecting a response
Some had the boldness to tag me and
draw my attention to it
I blocked all those who tagged me and
those who brought it to me on Whatsapp
were told to go and get a job!
I have trained my senses not to feed
off the putrid nature of the carnal man
If I have to speak on an issue, I am the
one with the narrative and the heart
I choose my meaning with love and
I will not be led down the wrong path
by someone else’s ill feelings
I will never be caught reacting to any
There is something called ignore
There is something called taking a High
I believe believers will do well to
the higher life in bliss than rolling in the
mud and dragging others in it
Last Sunday a brother came to me and
said “I heard some things about you
that I knew weren’t true.
I know they were not true because I
know you.
The person who told me those things
is close to both of us but I wanted to
speak to you directly so as to find out
if those things are true
I stopped him at that point
I told him I don’t want to hear anything
the other party said.
I love the other person and that’s all
that matters
Anybody can take offense at any time
It is your right to be offended
Your offense does not have to generate
offense in me
Love made me
Love is my default
I only see others through the lens of love


PS: The Holy Spirit is the best companion
of a believer
Immerse yourself in Him and let him
change your life
When you see people through his eyes
You will lose the appetite to drag them
down or even punish them for their
Being foolish in compliance with the
leading of the Holy Spirit is always
the greatest wisdom
I learned that the hard way

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