Scare Tactics

February 2, 2021


Her teen daughter stumbled upon
pornography by mistake
Her daughter had an assignment from
the school that required the use of the
Her daughter told her about the
assignment and she eagerly gave her
daughter her iPad
Not being too technically savvy,
she was unaware that some
Browsers had sponsored pop-ups
advertising pornography.
According to her daughter, something
popped up and practically took over
the screen for a few minutes while she
was solving the assignment.
She clicked on it and was taken
directly to a pornography site.
She knew she should
Log out but she couldn’t!
She was curious and fascinated
It was like eve and the forbidden fruit,
once you touch; you must eat
From that day she couldn’t stop visiting
the site
Sometimes she would sneak the iPad
into her room and wait until the dead
of the night to open pandora’s
Box and experience all it’s attending
consequences in her body
She simply couldn’t get enough of it
Weeks after she discovered this
Bermuda Triangle, she went to church
with her parents
During Sunday school the issue of
pornography came up during the question
and answer segment
The Sunday School teacher answered the
question by giving the students a vivid
description of hellfire and announced that
anyone who watches such content will
roast in the fire from eternity to eternity
The response shocked her
She had never considered the consequences
of her actions
She had never given it a thought
When she got home that day, the words of
the teacher kept ringing in her ears
She was 13 and already on her way to hell
without having lived the best part of her
life yet
The thought of such a severe punishment
plagued her mind endlessly
She slept that night by 9 pm and screamed
awake by 11 pm
Her mother heard her scream and rushed
to her room
What is the problem?
What is the matter?
She couldn’t talk
All she did was cry
Her mother held her and assured her
that everything is fine
After a while, she was able to
When she got to school the next day
she couldn’t concentrate on her studies
What she saw in the nightmare of the
previous night confirmed her Sunday
School teacher’s verdict
She saw herself in hell being tortured
by demons with whips of fire
It was a horrible experience
She wanted to pray, to ask God for
forgiveness but she couldn’t
Her teacher had told her God does not
hear the prayer of sinners and she was
a sinner!
She was doomed
Her teacher noticed that she was
troubled and tried to find out what was
wrong but she couldn’t confide in anyone
She didn’t want them to know and
judge her
She didn’t want them to know she was
going to hell
That night the nightmare returned
This time she saw herself tied to a pole
while getting tortured by a dark being
The pain was intense
She screamed in pain and agony
When she opened her
eyes her mother was beside her again,
soothing her and speaking softly to her
Her mother got worried
What could be plaguing her daughter
that badly?
Where did the nightmares come from?
She was convinced it was an attack of
the enemy and she resolved to pray
more with her daughter
Every night before she slept
The prayers didn’t help
For two weeks, her daughter kept
screaming in agony from her sleep
She confided in a friend who had teen
children too
The friend said “Talk to your daughter,
she may not be as young and innocent
as you think”
The words of her
Friend stung her
It felt like an indictment
As a mother, she made sure she devoted
quality time to raising her children
She left her banking job to start her own
business because she wanted to raise her
children in a manner that will make God
But she knew her friend was
Everybody keeps secrets, especially
That night she prayed with her daughter
as she tucked her in bed and asked her
what the problem was
Her daughter wanted to talk but then
swallowed the words
She saw this and knew there was a
She begged and pleaded but
Her daughter she not budge
When her daughter saw her crying,
her daughter opened up and told her
It was ironic that while watching porn,
her daughter could sleep but after
hearing the verdict of the Sunday School
teacher her daughter became tormented!
She told her
Daughter the Sunday School teacher
was wrong
The next morning she took her daughter
to the office of the brother in Jeans and
She wanted her to hear from an authority
figure apart from herself, perhaps the
damage done by one can be repaired
by another
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt listened
to the mother and daughter
When they were done he said “Let me
demonstrate something to you”
Then he called one of the ministers and
said “Please get her filled with the
Holy Ghost”
Few minutes later, while the brother in
Jeans and T-shirt and her mother were
Still talking they heard her voice in the
church premises, praying in tongues.
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt laughed,
he said “Your daughter will no longer be
tormented by negative thoughts, fear
and nightmare. The Holy Spirit has taken
her over”
Her mother said Amen.
An hour
later, after she had prayed and cried and
felt the burden on her heart lifted, she
was brought to the office of the
Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
She was smiling and glowing
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
“Do you know what has happened to you?”
She nodded and said “I was
Baptized in the Holy Spirit”
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
“Who is the Holy Spirit?”
She said “The Holy Spirit is the Spirit
of God”
Then the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
said “If the Holy Spirit did not reject
you but choose to dwell in you, can
God reject you”
She said
“No sir”
“Can God condemn the Holy Spirit
to hellfire?”
She said “No sir”
Can God condemn you to hell after
you have received Jesus Christ as
your Lord and Saviour and received
the baptism of the Holy Ghost?”
She smiled and said No.
She said “I have asked God for forgiveness
And I know He has forgiven me”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt blessed
her and her mother


Nda Fabi in response to the testimony
above wrote the following on Twitter:
I remember when I was 17, I was already
indulging in kissing and petty romance
with my then gf but we were so scared
of sex, we never wanted to even go there.
I had some other girls that were not my
girlfriend asking that they wanted to
sleep with me, I declined because I loved
my girlfriend
Somewhere along the line I parted ways
with my girlfriend for very good reasons
we both agreed to.
But those girls never stopped disturbing
and I wasn’t tired of declining until this
faithful day my mom brought a book
written by one brother somewhere and
the man kept on saying from the
First chapter of that book to the last one
that if you’ve ever kissed a girl, you’re as
guilty as the person who has been
fornicating and both of you are doomed.
I struggled in my thoughts for weeks and
was disappointed
I indulged with one of those girls since I
was condemned either ways, I felt it was
better just do it fully and that changed the
narrative of my whole life cause I didn’t
stop at one time or one girl.
Some of these teachings lead more souls
hell than save them from it

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