Saving The Crescent

April 26, 2021


He went to the poolside of the hotel to
make a video call with his wife and
It was the eve of his birthday and he was
not at home to spend the day with them
He was far away in another city, working
They had promised to wait up all night
to sing for him
He called them all 11:55 pm on WhatsApp
video call.
While they were talking, a strange noise
of panic erupted from a group of Turkish
guys seating at the opposite end of
the pool.
One of them was allergic to mushrooms
and had eaten some with the buffet
they were eating.
His tongue was all swollen and his face
disfigured and his hand was shaking.
When he finished the call, the panic
was still evident
One of the Turkish guys had run to their
room upstairs to get a drug.
Another was asking the hotel for their
first aid kit while another was making
a frantic call in a bid to get help
He walked over and laid his hands on
the guy experiencing the Anaphylactic
There was commotion everywhere and
he didn’t want to shout
He said “Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” his intention
was to get everybody to be quiet so
that he could pray
(They are all from Turkey, sailors cap was
on the head of two of them), the noise died
down but something remarkable also
The swelling also responded to the “Sh”.
The tongue that had swollen up and
was protruding out of the mouth of the
victim went down immediately.
The swollen lips also deflated somewhat
Everybody gasped
He had not even called the name of Jesus
He saw the reaction and said “Shhhhhhh”
I command your body to be totally healed
right now in the name of Jesus and by
the power of the Holy Spirit.
I command the swelling to disappear.”
Then I asked one of them what the
man’s name was.
Someone said “Ahmet”.
He called the victim’s name and the
victim responded by saying “Yes”.
Everybody screamed and cheered
The victim was totally healed.
This happened within 10 minutes.
He went back to his seat.
The next morning, Ahmet and his wife
went to his room.
They went to say thank you.
They also requested that they would
like him to come minister to Ahmet’s
wife’s mother at another area in the
city the next morning.
They wanted to know if he would be
He told them he was free
The next day, the Turkish sailor “Ahmet”
and his wife came picked him up by
7:15 AM.
He was driven to an estate in Ilupeju.
Ahmet’s mother-in-law was a 63
years old woman.
Her husband owns an engineering firm
in Ikeja, Lagos.
She had been bedridden for some time.
The picture he had in mind before going
was different from what he met on ground.
Ahmet and his wife had called ahead and
he was welcomed with great enthusiasm
(He didn’t know if he could call that faith).
Ahmet’s Father in law said his wife was
fine until some years ago when she
started complaining of heaviness and
hearing voices.
He said she had relatives in Kano and
he took her there for some time but she
only got worse.
So they brought her back to Lagos in
2018 November.
Since then she had been bedridden with
two nurses taking shifts to care for her.
He said okay.
Let us pray!
He was the only Christian in the room
He didn’t envisage that
He started praying, they were all quiet.
He realized they didn’t know what to do
Was he nervous?
Was it because they were from another
He needed to get them into the cloud
He had prayed for hours during the night
and was sure wonders will happen but
He didn’t come there just to heal the sick
He had requested of the Holy Spirit the
presence that causes the heart of men
to cut within them and drive them into
He said “Okay, all of you, please say
after me! Lord Jesus, I accept you today
as my Lord and Saviour. I believe that
you died for my sins and has brought
me into reality of God by your great
power. I am a child of God today and
I am filled with the Holy Spirit”.
They all chorused it after him
He could have been more elaborate
but that was all he had the presence
of mind to say
Gita (Ahmet’s wife) was the first to start
The Pneuma hit her slowly and fiercely
He started praying in tongues and the
fire spread all over the room.
They all fell on their knees and started
praying in tongues.
Their father, the strong non-believer
and an adherent of another religion
( The pictures all over the wall were
a statement to anybody of his deep
commitment to another religion
He also had pictures of his pilgrimage
and other religious activities with some
Arab guys) was rolling on the floor
saying “Aquichiaquichi” over and over
That was all he was saying at that point.
He didn’t get the meaning from the Holy
Spirit but it was loud and difficult to
He also knew it was the tip of the iceberg
He wanted them to see that any believer
can heal the sick
So he told Gita and Ahmet to lay hands
on Gita’s mummy and command the spirit
of heaviness to leave!
They did so.
Nothing happened.
I asked their father to join them and
Ahmet’s younger sister Mariam.
Mariam was in her early twenties
she was quiet but took everything
that was going on quite seriously
They did.
I said “Say after me: Father in the
name of Jesus, by the power of
the Holy Spirit
I have laid my hands upon the sick
and I have ordered the infirmity
to leave, the authority in the name
of Jesus is at work in me.
Body, hear the word of the Lord
and obey the power of God in
my mouth, be healed now!”
Their mummy screamed and began
to convulse violently.
(Their had been immobile and quiet
all through until that time)
Gita and Mariam ran, not too far
away but close to the door.
Ahmet stayed and so did their father.
The spirit has been in her for 17 years.
It came in through depression.
He was just praying In tongues but
he knew! He just knew.
She went still after about 10 minutes.
He laid his hands on her head (He was
still speaking in tongues) and she sat
That was it.
She was free.
She looked younger and her spine was
It was glorious.
The ministration lasted for about 40
He left their house at about 9am.
He joined the GSWMI online Sunday
service on zoom
Ahmet and Gita listened in with him
until they dropped me off at the hotel.
He checked out of the hotel by 2pm
He got home later that evening to
the warm embrace of his wife and
Ahmet and Gita were the first to call
the next morning
They were excited about the healing and
how Gita’s mother was practically up and
doing all night with excitement
Gita’s father and mother called to celebrate
the power of God and affirm their
commitment to the Lord Jesus as soon as
Ahmet and Gita dropped their call
They were all very grateful
He explained to them that they should not
worry about a relapse
When God heals He heals completely
They all rejoiced in the Lord

PS: This event happened in Lagos Nigeria
The miracles were witnessed by many
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt was
privileged to be the vessel the Holy
Spirit used to bring the light into this
Glory be to God
As believers, we have the right to shush
the storms of life and rebuke the violent
winds in our lifes and the lives of others
When we do as Jesus has commanded
us, we will spread the gospel effortlessly
even to those who have sold themselves
out to another religion or ideology
Let us remember always that we have
the fullness of God at work in all at all

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