February 10, 2021


Psalm 50:5

My intercom rang.
I picked up.
“Sir, you have a visitor.”
It was the receptionist.
I asked her to let him in.
I was the in-house architect in a
construction company.
My friend, an architect colleague
Timothy came visiting.
We’d been friends for a decade…
He came in, we talked, shared
scriptures and prayed.
About an hour later, Timothy
took his leave.
I saw him off to the car park.

“Tim, where’s your car?” I asked.
“I came with a cab”, he replied.
“Ah! Car issues! I guess it’s at the
Timothy’s response stunned me:
“Naaa. I gave it away.”
You WHAT??
“I gave it away. We invited a pastor
to come preach in church last week.
The Holy Spirit asked me to give
him the car.”
It was a BMW.
Tim left in a cab.

I went back to my office, my
mind in shock.
It took a while to process what
I just heard…
We were both single young
architects, just starting out life.
I wondered if the Holy Spirit
asked me to give away my car,
I would.

It would be very inconvenient
not to be mobile in Lagos!
Imagine you have a date?
Which lady would want to date
you if you ride cabs & buses about?
These were my concerns.
But my friend, Tim gave out his
one and only car- just because
the Holy Spirit told him to!
I knew inside me I wasn’t broken
to that level.
But I was challenged & provoked!
That day, my spirit shifted.

I later read a book by Dr Mike
Murdock where he wrote:
“Whatever you can walk away
from, you have mastered for life.”
Timothy walked away from his car.
That area of his life was
permanently settled.

This happened over 20 years ago.
Timothy and his family are in
Canada now.
We spoke last nights & I brought up
that incident with him…
The irony is, in these 20 years
Timothy had given out loads of cars.
It became a tradition for him to
be giving out a few cars every year:

He’d buy cars in Canada, freight
them to Nigeria and give them away
to people as led by the Spirit.
He has become a free car-giver…
This morning, I read Psalms 41-50.
Verse 5 of chapter 50 struck me:
“Gather my saints together unto me;
those that have made a covenant
with me by sacrifice.”

Here, God spoke of His SAINTS.
Then He went ahead to give a detailed
description of those He identified as
Those who have made a covenant
with Him by SACRIFICE!

Not those who mount the pulpit to

Not those who wear religious robes
and carry religious titles.

Not church workers.

Those who have made a covenant with

Let me ask: what can YOU walk
away from…?
Do you have possessions, or possessions
have you?
Can you walk away from them?

Jesus once asked a rich guy to go sell
all he had & come follow him.
Scripture records the guy went away, sad.

He was possessed by his possessions.
(Matthew 19:16-22)

Many of us are like this guy…
I learned very significant lessons from
Timothy that day:
Don’t hold on to anything tightly.
See everything you possess as temporary.
Be willing to give away anything- my life
is not dependent on them.
A man’s life does not consist of the
abundance of his possessions.
Today, there’s nothing I hold so dear
I cannot walk away from.
I don’t place much value on any of
the material things I possess.

A Job submitted, “Naked I came out
of my mother’s womb, naked I depart.”

May our possessions not possess us
in Jesus’ Name.


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