In many fold

June 9, 2021


I used an ATM that I didn’t know a
fraudster had tampered with.
So my card got stuck and I thought
it had been swallowed by the machine
but when I left to wait for the bank
to open so I can collect my card,
the fraudster who had tampered
with the machine removed the card
He withdrew the max ATM limit from
my account then entered a shop and
spent the limit as well buying things.
My account was practically emptied.
Of course I found out after I entered
the bank to ask for my card that I
had been robbed.
I was distraught to say the least.
They advised me to go to the police
station to get an affidavit so they
could begin an investigation..
They assured me that I would be
sorted out if they confirm that I was
indeed stolen from.
On my way to the police station, I
started speaking with the Holy Spirit.
I told him that my funds were secure
with him and I knew that He would
fix the problem.. then suddenly
I started laughing like someone was
tickling me..
I wanted to be sad but it was as if
I was being prevented from being
sad or moody so I gave in to the
laughter and joy.
I got the affidavit to the bank and
they started their investigation.
They said they would send me a
letter to sign to affirm that I didn’t
partake in any plot to scam the bank.
I agreed.
A week and a half later, a banker called
and said that the money that was spent
at the shop was refunded.
He said that they also refunded the
money that was withdrawn at the ATM
but they did so twice.
I was at work so I told him to tell them
to take away the excess as it was obviously
a mistake..
He told me he tried but they wanted to
hear me confirm it.
So I promised to call later because I
was at work then.
By the time I got home, they had tripled
All my friends were telling me to keep
quiet and just use the money that I
deserved it but I refused.
I told them God didn’t work that way;
that I will call the bank and ask them
to remove the excess funds and if it
was really God the money will remain.
Also at this time, I hadn’t received the
letter to sign to declare my innocence
and this should have been done
before I got the refund.
I called the bank. I told them about how
I was robbed and how the bank
refunded the amount but also tripled it.
I also mentioned that I hadn’t yet
received the letter I was to sign.
The banker told me that it was fine
that they would look into it and that
regarding the letter, they had sent it
to me and I had signed and returned
it to them; that it was on his desk at
the moment and then he proceeded
to read the date.
I never received this letter from them
Needless to say, the money was never
removed. It is indeed amazing
how God works…

Exodus 22:1
“If a man steals an ox or a sheep and
slaughters or sells it, he must repay
five oxen for an ox and four sheep
for a sheep.
From the day the Holy Spirit opened
my understanding to this scripture,
I had used it to maximum effect
in the place of prayer, especially when
I had lost one thing or the other to
anyone without my consent
I always demanded for justice in
many fold and I always got it

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