January 13, 2022


History was the problem
She felt it mattered that the relationship
be kept as long as possible
He also felt the same way, but it was
obvious it was not going to lead anywhere
His parents didn’t like her and they fought
vehemently against the union or the

It was okay
Her parents also didn’t want it
They wanted her to be with a guy that
understood their church ethos
She was born into a white garment
wearing church
He was born into a Pentecostal church
His parents didn’t see her parents
church as a church, they labeled it a
cult but he was in love with her
Her parents are die-hard members of
the church where her father had risen
to become a shepherd by word of
He was a cook in an international
organisation when he got the call to
become a shepherd and he took it with
Why couldn’t she find a guy in that
Why stray to a place where she was
not accepted for who she was?
But she was in love with him!
They met at her school’s executive
She was elected as the representative
of the department on sport
A position he got for her indirectly
because he taught her how to
Play chess, and scrabbles
She won the departmental tournament
for ladies and was voted for
enthusiastically when she went in for
the post of sport director
He was the President of the department
He was smart and very wise
He made her better in every way
For her sex was not a big deal, she had
been having it since she was sixteen
For him, sex was a big deal because his
church had issues with “loose” ladies
and she was termed or coined or labeled
to be one
She gifted him herself when he turned
She could have slept with him sooner
but she wanted him to know he was an
adult when he chose to be with her
They had an underground relationship for
five years and then he told his parents
about her and all hell let loose
Neither parents accepted both of them
They pushed and fought but it was a
She broke it off when she met a guy who
would accept her for who she was
Her relationship with the guy was okay
but she was in love with him, so she
would sneak to his room and have some
great times even after breaking up
One day his mother saw her sneaking
into his room and raised hell
It was the most embarrassing day of
her life
She left him and decided to stay with
her new guy for better and for worse
He had promised her the moon,
the sun, the planet and the world
She told herself she was better off
accepted than loved but the heart
is a tricky fellow
It basically wouldn’t do what it was told
until it lands one into trouble
One day she went to see him but this
time she was determined to tell him
it was over and not sleep with him
Since they broke up he had been
pestering her for a conversation
So she obliged
She went to his house, his parents had
They were in his room
He was cunning
She knew this and she had made up her
mind about how to handle him
Then he said “open sesame, let me in”
She said “No”
He said “You have been with another guy,
would you say you didn’t sleep with him?”
She said “We broke up and I moved on”
He said “So you have this guy all to yourself!
What about me! I have loved and stayed
with you for 8 years on this course
My mother had relented and we are both
working on my father but you thrashed all
of my effort and moved on to another guy.
She had no answer
She knew he worked hard to keep her and
defied heaven and hell for their relationship
to be on for eight years
She had assumed moving on was setting
him free
He was uptight and needed release
She said “I don’t want to sleep with you”
He said “What would you say my offense is?
She couldn’t say
She thought about it
He was miserable and she could help!
Even if it is to give him temporary reprieve…
Her resolve was dissolving, her legs
opening of their own accord
For the sake of history, she didnt want
him to despise her
She opened the dam
She said “I know you love me, you can
come in this last time”
He dove in!
Buried himself so deep that she was
seeing angels
It took almost an hour
It was as if he was saying farewell
Without saying farewell!
Finally, it was over
She dressed up and left
A few weeks later she discovered she
was pregnant
Her boyfriend was not responsible,
he had gone for NYSC
She called him and told him
He laughed and told her it was not his
baby because they had broken up!
Since the day they had remorse sex
she had avoided him like a plague
How then would he accept the pregnancy?
She was too scared of abortion and
was too confused to know her next move
She told a friend her challenge
The friend introduced her to a cleric,
of another religion!
She didn’t know how it happened but she
ended up being married the cleric and
had four children for him before she
came to herself
What had happened to me she asked!
The cleric only laughed and told her to
settle with him because she had
nowhere else to go
One morning, she joined the prophecy hour
of Pneuma Cathedral, a GSWMI fellowship
that holds online every Wednesday and
her case was mentioned
Well, it was not only mentioned!
She felt an urgency to leave the cleric’s
She left with her four children after
13 years in the cleric’s bondage
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt
(he gave the prophecy that set her free)
met with her and listened to her story
He rented an apartment for her and
her children
He led her to Christ
He enrolled her in an online school and
paid the fees and that of her children
He told her God is mindful of her
She believed
15 months later she got a visa to relocate
with her children to a foreign land
She was also given a wonderful job that
catered for the need of all her children
She finally realized God loved her and
didn’t count her life of error as anything
but a blot!
A blot He erased by the blood of Jesus.
Glory be to God!

Ps: She will be traveling to the UK in a
few days
Please don’t lose hope, God is not
done with you yet!
Come to him with your errors and
He will give you rest!

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