Religious Tolerance

May 16, 2022


In 2011, a Broadway musical,
“The Book of Mormon” opened in
the US. The target was to ridicule
the Church of Jesus Christ for
Latter Day Saints, a religious group
based in Utah. People went to
watch the musical for comic relief.
But the Latter Day Saints responded
They issued a simple statement:
“You’ve seen the PLAY…
Now read the BOOK!”

In other words, don’t just believe
what you saw in the stage play:
read the book to know if what
you saw really depicts the teachings
of the Mormons.

Nobody was beheaded.
Nobody was stoned.
Nobody was accused of blasphemy.
Nobody was beaten.
Nobody’s hand or leg was amputated.

In fact, for the Play to be produced
and released to the public was proof
the producers KNEW there wouldn’t
be any backlash.

That people went to watch it was
proof they KNEW they were safe.

It’s interesting to note that those
producers can NEVER produce a play
ridiculing the Religion of Peace.
They KNOW what will happen
if they do so: they won’t live
to tell the story…

Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical
weekly newspaper did it.
12 of their journalists were murdered.

Kurt Westergaard, a Danish cartoonist
did it. There were worldwide protests
and riots, leading to deaths of innocent
people.The cartoonist was placed in
protective custody until his death.

And Salman Rushdie?
A fatwa was issued on his head by
Ayatollah Khomeini for a book,
“Satanic Verses” he wrote.

I am an architect, and I graduated
from ABU Zaria. We have a
WhatsApp group we set up to
pass info to each other:
We insisted nobody is allowed to
post anything else but people
don’t know how to live by rules.
People started posting religious stuff…

It was so ANNOYING!
Why can’t you guys just OBEY
One of us, an Eckankar guy posted
his take: “what’s the use of your
religion if you can’t follow simple
instructions? If I respond as
I want to now, you’ll call
for my head!”
I exited the group immediately!

I’ve come to conclude that we
just have to manage these folks.
Don’t provoke them,
don’t step on toes,
don’t argue- don’t even bring
up religion in your discussions!
Don’t be antagonistic, don’t be

Doing otherwise could be your end.

As Deborah found out..

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