Raising Royalty

May 6, 2021


Archbishop Benson Idahosa said he
once went to America to minister.
While he was lodged in the hotel, a
group of 16 pastors from an African
country came to visit him
They told him they were in America
on a fundraising mission
They wanted to build a cathedral and
felt their help would come from abroad
He said he listened to them as they
pleaded with him not only to support
their project but to put in a good word
for them with the white folks who
invited him to minister in the USA
He said he did the best he could to
help them and wished them well
After a week he returned to Nigeria
to continue his work
He forgot all about the 16 preachers
who were soliciting for funds in the
United State of America
He said at the time his calendar was
booked up for over two years
He had to travel to several nations
preaching the gospel
The more he ministered in power, the
more he increased in influence
Every currency of the world flowed
into his ministry
He built cathedrals, sponsored the
education of thousands of orphans
and prospered on every side
Two years later, the same church
invited him to minister again in the
He said as soon as he got
there he saw the 16 pastors again
They walked up to him after the
service to greet him
He asked them why they were still in
America and they told him they were
still soliciting funds to build their
cathedral in Africa
They had sworn not to return home
They had written letters to every
christian organization, they could
think of in the hope of catching a
The little money they raised in the
past two years since he met them
had been spent on their upkeep and
general welfare
They were literally as empty-handed
as they were the first time he met with
He said He looked at them and said
“You have been in this country for
the last two years, yet the country
remains cold
Nobody felt your impact in any way
and you’re begging for money
How many dead people did you raise?
How many sick people did you heal?
How many signs and wonders did
you do?
You sat here cap in hand begging for
help while you sat on the most
dynamic power that was given unto
mankind by Jesus to empower his
Why do you think Jesus told his
disciples not to travel with their
money belts?
Jesus didn’t want them to get distracted
Jesus knew that
material blessings will follow the trail
of those working in miracles, signs,
and wonders
People are compelled to bless them
The blind that regained his sight will
insist on saying thank you, the lame
that walked will offer a roof and a meal
Everyone desires to host the presence
of God or at least be a blessing to the
carriers of such a presence
The same principle worked in the life of
Obed Edom
The Ark of Covenant showed up at
Kiriath Jearim after several months in
The Ark, led by the Spirit of God, was
dragged into town by some oxen
The noise spread abroad about the
return of the Ark
The Ark was lost the day Saul died
and it was returning after David had
become the King of Israel
While guarding the ark back to
Jerusalem, one of the Oxen
carrying it stumbled
Uzzah stretched his hand out to help
steady the ark
He was struck dead for his effort
The death of Uzzah made David
realized that they had done something
They decided to put the ark in the
house of the closest Levite
This Levite happened to be Obed Edom
That was how he became the custodian
of the presence of God
People living in that community and
its environs began to throng to the
House of Obed Edom
They wanted to see the Ark of the
They wanted to pray where the Ark of
the Covenant was located
They wanted to experience the
presence of God
And they didn’t go to the house of
Obed Edom empty handed
They took gifts of cash and kind
They knew that giving to God or to
those who were keeping His
presence was a blessing
Obed Edom became rich
He became so rich within three
months that the news of his wealth
got to King David in Jerusalem
Arrangements were made thereafter
to move the Ark back to the capital
You cannot carry the presence of
God and be a beggar
You cannot carry the presence of
God and remain at the mercy of
You cannot carry the presence of
God and remain in one spot for
two years
Unless you have the presence and
you don’t know how to walk in its
reality or perhaps you dont carry
that presence at all!
The Archbishop left the USA a few
days later and within a month of his
return started a University, the 16
beggars were still in America,
soliciting for funds
They never built the cathedral
because they didn’t understand
their positioning in Christ.
I listened to the message where
the story was told sometime in
I was working somewhere in
Anthony village at the time as a
personal assistant to a pastor
I was drafting letters for this pastor
anmd his ministry
All sorts of letters soliciting for help
and support from other ministries
and individuals in the society
That was what knew and his ministry
remained a stillbirth
Ironically, it was in the pastor’s library
that I saw the message about the
16 beggars in cleric collar
I listened to it while drafting such letters
I gained a lot of knowledge from the
I carry the presence of God always
I do not have to beg for anything
Royalty does not beg either tacitly or
I listened to another minister of the
gospel sharing about the day the rent
of his church was due
He was supposed to pay but he had
no money
The landlord was waiting by the
entrance of the church
He was lying down on the couch in
his house, meditating
Suddenly a stranger walked in
A member of another church
The stranger said “I will like to see
the pastor
The pastor welcomed him
He told the pastor he was on his
way to his church when the Holy
Spirit told him to come and drop
some money for the pastor
It was the exact amount the pastor
needed for rent
That said he had learned how to wait
on God and grow with God
I also learned a lot from that
The third thing I learned was at a
workers training in 2011
The pastor told us to open the
scripture to Romans 13:8, it says
“Owe nothing to anyone…”
I said okay
No more buying Indomie and eggs
from mallam to pay later
I have lived by these great
principles over the years
The only time I bought a car with a
loan (2012), the car was stolen four
months later and I paid the loan for
a whole year
I remember crying bitterly at the time
and asking the Holy Spirit what happened
He said “You’re living by a principle
that does not befit your status”
I was supposed to finish paying the
loan in December
A better car was brought to me in
October that year
It had been 90% paid for
I paid the remaining 10% which was
for the guys that sold the car and
some papers a month later
I have never written a “beggy beggy”
letter for anything in my life
I have come to understand the
principles of the Kingdom and I walk
in them daily
I am a giver
I give out all things including land
and cars and money
I am a blessing to the Kingdom of His
own dear son
This is my mindset
This is also the mindset of those I train
Royalty does not breed beggars
It breeds givers and blessers
We all must learn from this and put
the word of God to practice
As church leaders and ministry
leaders, we have the option of
begging or blessing
Whatever reality you’re walking in
is your choice


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