Raised, not promoted…

June 14, 2021


Tope Alabi, I will listen to your divinely
inspired songs forever
You are a glory like no other, a trailblazer
and a pacesetter
Within the body of Christ and even beyond,
your songs carry the fragrance of His presence
You are an evangelist whose music draws
unbelievers to Christ!
You didn’t start singing because you’re
talented, you were called into the ministry
and you operate fully in your office as an
Your walk with God in the gospel of salvation
cannot be fully measured among the sons of
The heavens celebrate you
Angels ascend and descend upon you
and deep revelations of God are revealed
unto you for the furtherance of the gospel
No man has the right to judge your work
the way they sit down and judge artists
on Nigerian Idol
You were raised by God not promoted by
Whenever we had to do an outreach in
Ikorodu when I was a PA some years ago,
my Pastor boss will say “Just put Tope on
the stage and the venue will fill up!”
Even though we would target some
non-Christian localities for the Provincial
Holy Ghost Service the venue would be
filled up before 9pm
Sometimes it would have rained all day
and it would be cold and chilly!
The sound of your voice when you
begin to invite hearts to worship would
drench the atmosphere with divine
You are not just a voice, you are an
authority when it comes to Yoruba
languange and the gospel
You have earned the right to correct,
set right and rebuke those you feel are
not paying due attention to the content
of their music by the spirit
Being politically correct is not and will
never be a Christian thing, it is a strange
philosophy of the world
Jesus was not politically correct when
he called out the religious leaders and
Apostle Paul was not politically correct
when he called out Peter in Galatia
I saw you mount the stage once and
declare that God is not “Ya’agbo Ya’aju”
one of the appellations meant for idols
that some gospel musicians ignorantly
brought into the gospel!
It was not a popular thing to do but
you did it because it was the right thing
to do
I was also there when you corrected
some singers who referred to God as
“S’angiri La’giri”
You explained that it was “Sango” that
the appellation was used for in idolatry
and we shouldn’t call God what God
has not called himself!
My little niece several years ago had
delay in speech development, but she
would watch “Tope Alabi’s M’oriyanu
over and over until her first words
were Tope! Tope! Tope!
I have never had issues with rebuke
as a minister of the gospel.
I can take it and yes I can dish it out!
That is what having a personal relationship
with the Holy Spirit does in your heart
I was in a church once when the pastor
of the church called the Holy Spirit “It”!
I couldn’t take it, when I got on the
altar for my ministration I said “Sir,
please stop insulting my Father!
The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing!
He is a He! Not a thing! The pastor took
it well.
Even though the Holy Spirit was referred
to as “It” in some Bible versions and
interpretations, only those who have
never met him refer to him as IT!
Revelation makes a difference in our
personal walk With God!
This generation hates authority figures
and are quick to side with the “victim”
If I am wrong and 1 million people support
me in spite of that, I’d still be wrong.
Being right or wrong has nothing to do
with numbers.
If I am right and people decide not to
believe me I’d still be right!
When you release your next Album,
Evangelist Tope Alabi, I will buy 2000
copies and share them out free at the
venue of our crusades and outreaches!
You are a blessing that will forever be
celebrated both in heaven and on earth!
I celebrate you, ma’am

PS: Somebody wrote that Tope should
leave the stage.
What foolishness.
Which stage?
The one she was raised by God to
minister on or the one you raised for
People should learn not to put their
mouth where it can be slapped
Someone who has never heard “come”
from the Holy Spirit in his or her life
is disrespecting a minstrel of the most
We love and honour every member of
the household of faith

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