Quickened at Christmas

December 26, 2020


My wife has been battling with
(what’s called in medical parlance)
Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome
+ septicemia R/O heart failure for
over 13 years – characterized by Hbp,
diabetes and cardiac arrest.
And we sought medical help all over
– highbrow hospitals in Nigeria, UK,
UAE, China, and Israel.
The whole issue became tougher
in the last 3 weeks that we rarely
sleep overnight each night.
I had to pray ceaselessly overnight,
that she’ll not die and leave me alone…
When we were to travel to Kwara,
I told Holy Spirit I cannot be hindered
from the work of Goodnews of the
Gospel that He should handle things
for me. I committed my wife to Him
and traveled.
On Sunday 20th December we
returned, my wife was very uncomfortable
but I couldn’t be with her till later in
the day as we were at the Christmas
carol in church on our return.
At a point, I confided in Dr. Ololade about
her condition that Sunday and we
tentatively agreed I’ll bring my wife to
her on Tuesday 22nd December.
On Monday 21st December, we had to
rush her to a hospital within our estate
almost unconscious.
She was admitted into the emergency ward
Over 10 drips were administered within
12 hours. At that point, I contacted Bro
My family was almost losing hope of
having her alive for Christmas…
Then I had to travel on Tuesday 22nd
December on Gospel duties.
I committed her to Holy Spirit again and
On getting back later in the day on Tuesday
22nd, I resumed with her at the hospital.
She was in more distress than even before
she was rushed there.
The only difference is that she’s still breathing…
so she requested to be discharged that I
should take her back home.
As usual, it was sleepless night for us till
Wednesday 23rd December.
At about 5.00AM Wednesday, she asked
that I call Bro Gbenga for her.
I did and Bro Gbenga prayed for her.
Immediately Bro Gbenga prayed for her,
she busted into tongues, singing and
crying all at the same time.
(I recorded part of this).
Thereafter, she slept off (first time in
Later in the day Wednesday 23rd, she
became very restless, gasping for breath
like to give up the ghost any moment..
I called hospitals around, we were
referred to Lasuth or Luth.
I called Dr. Ololade, she left all she
was doing to start coming down to
my place. I called Bro Gbenga, he
prayed for her and she became calm,
Dr. Ololade with her husband got to
our home at almost 11.00pm on
Wednesday 23rd December, and
didn’t leave till past 2.00AM Thursday
24th, attending to her with promise to
be back during the day that Thursday.
And she came back.
She ministered to her and proclaimed
her complete healing, that she (Dr. Ololade)
will not need to come and treat her
again, that she is healed!
I said Amen! And I believed.
Later in the evening Thursday 24th, my
wife became restless again.. saying
she’s tired and want to go home to rest..
Our daughter was already inconsolably
I resumed praying in tongues..
Even amidst attending to all other souls
that need deliverance, healing, salvation
and miracles
Holding on so hard, not to betray any
emotion or exhibit faithlessness…
We had another sleepless night….
At a point (at about 4.00AM Christmas
day, 25th December), I told Holy Spirit
that I need Him to send me an Angel,
that I’m not going to call either
Bro Gbenga nor Dr. Ololade in distress…
I dozed off in the process, while my
wife was writhing in so much pain and
And Holy Spirit did send an Angel!
The next I knew was that Bro Gbenga
had been calling me that he was on
his way to my house…
Bro Gbenga is the Angel Holy Spirit sent
to me…
Bro Gbenga came in like 7.30AM on
Christmas day 25th December 2020,
he held my wife’s left hand whilst praying…
At a point, it was like my wife breathed
her last breath… but Bro Gbenga held
her left hand and my wife’s head rested
on his shoulder…
My wife came back to life afterwards!!!
And all through the day – Christmas 2020,
she’s been full of life… and we had a
VERY JOYOUS, HAPPY Christmas that
would have been otherwise…
I had a very long sleep, undisrupted
sleep in more than a month today.
I woke up to see my wife taking breakfast
in bed, amidst joyous mood…
My wife said: “Whilst Bro Gbenga held
her left hand praying early in the morning
on Christmas day, she was in vision and
on her way to the pearly gates, when an
Angel stopped her, sat her down and
replaced her heart”.
My wife has her HEART was REPLACED
by an Angel!!!
My wife’s been the one leading praise
and worship session this morning now
Saturday 26th December – 2020 boxing
day!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

PS: Bro Gbenga……….been crying since
I read that testimony!!!!!!!!!
The tears have been uncontrollable…….
Who could have thought that Brother Tope
was going through so much?
He was in Kwara looking and acting as
if nothing was wrong!
He was still praying for people and doing
the work of the father joyfully!
I just told God how sorry I am…….
I have been selfish and consumed in
my own challenges, I have been
lackadaisical about the work of our father.
I didn’t have to hear God reprimand
me face to face, I know I can do more
than I am doing.
This testimony jolted me to reality this
morning. I have learnt a major lesson
this morning and I am grateful to the
Holy Spirit for speaking to me this
morning! – Sister L. O

GSW’s notes: Almost all the ministers
had a mixture of joy and shock when
they saw this testimony earlier today
For many, they were awed that the
Brother carried on in our meetings and
gatherings with zeal and zest
There was no way you would have
guessed he had such a challenge
at home
Some of us knew
I remember asking him if he was sure
he should follow us on our recent
He said YES!
When we were conducting baptism
at Imode, he found his way into
the water
He was very eager to serve in every
The Holy Spirit is the leader of GSWMI
He is our General Overseer
He sees the thoughts and intents of
our hearts
When we trust him and lean not on our
own understanding, he brings his good
counsel to pass over our destinies
On the 24th of December, the Holy Spirit
told me I must be at the brother’s
house first thing in the morning
I got to the estate where he lives as
early as 7AM
I needed him to call the security men
at the gate of his street so that I
would be given a thoroughfare
I called and called for over twenty
Eventually, I was able to get through
to him and he led me straight to
his wife
She was in a bad shape but hey!!!
I have seen the dead rise several
times and I know what the Holy
Spirit can do
I held her hand and prayed
When we were done, i told her to
sleep without any fear of death
I said the same thing to her husband
I also told her to pray more in the
Holy Ghost
This morning, my phone rang
It was the brother
He said his wife wanted to greet me
I heard her voice and i started
Oh my God!
You cannot imagine how excited
i was
It was like hearing the living speak
out of the grave
Had it been when I hadn’t met the
Holy Spirit, i would have served her
communion and told her husband
“The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh,
blessed be the name of the Lord.
Be strong, take heart, she is in a
better place now”
But NO!
The Holy Spirit took away religious
gibberish out of our mouths and
turned us to quickening spirits.
Glory be to His Holy name

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