Psalms From The Heart

January 15, 2024


A psalm of Olamide 310


Abba my Abba


I have not written a psalm in so long


You have had me on assignment


You have had me busy


Yes not too busy to write a psalm


So sorry


I just allowed myself to be taken over so to speak


I have heard you over and over saying to me that I am supernatural and you tell me that when I speak I can create or destroy


This is not new but I now believe it


This is why I must exhibit the fruit of the spirit


The wrong words in my mouth can wreak havoc


I must always speak life


What I want to see manifested


What I have dreamed


What I have imagined


I must speak what has been revealed to me from above


What an honour!


What a privilege!


Oh how wonderful!


Oh how beautiful!


I need not just stand in the same spot and expect to be slapped by any wind of doctrine or wave of lies


I must step up to the plate


Engage the ministry of angels and foster unity with the Godhead


I know right? Abba


You have nudged me


Been that firm still small voice


My head knew it but my heart has just caught up


I am seated in heavenly places


I am seated in Christ Jesus


Jesus is seated at the right hand of God


So am I seated in Jesus at the right hand of God


A very high place to be seated


I do not fear being toppled because this is impossible.


Much much love Abba


Kisses and hugs




Shalom Shalom




Naná Olamide Balogun

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