Naive Sovereigns

September 12, 2020


Sad, broken and depressed I felt. On dead streets full of hopelessness, I walked. A hole here, a tear there, I see

That man with a sack full of holes, losing precious seeds every step That woman has an issue of blood, she will not last the night That young boy bearing a load too great for his fragile back, no one could help That young girl embedded in darkness so dense, a knife could cut through

Who is in charge here? Are there helpers around?

I see the cruel taskmaster now, he is insane He delights in woes, he ruled with an iron fist He eats the slaughtered as food and the tears of his captives? That is his favorite thirst-quencher

The naive sovereigns brainwashed into captivity by a nonentity named “Sin” Woeful stories of devastation and destruction, typical in every place in sin’s domain This is the normal in a world full of chaos

We are a people in need a deliverer, I thought

A mile walk and there goes a man wrapped in majestic aura. He must be the son of a king Two miles away strolls a beautiful woman with neck and hands draped in expensive jewels of joyfulness. Her presence commands authority, she must be a queen. Another mile and I beheld a young boy with sparkling apparel ecstatically playing a tune on his flute. He must be an angel Two miles away, here comes a dainty young girl oozing gracefulness, at her approach all impurities on the street disappeared. She must be a cherub

Who are these people? They looked typical yet so striking and fascinating. Divine entities esteemed by celestial beings

A melody flittered into my heart It aroused a nostalgic feeling of an abode entrenched in my eternity. A harmony loud, like the rhythm of a gigantic heart beating for love. An infinite kingdom, such effulgence! Distant nonetheless nigh. Beautiful nevertheless indulgent. I belong there, my heart screamed Fear arose like a tempest, it tried to stop me. Worries raged like a ceaseless blizzard, willing me back into the abyss. I do not belong here, my head whispered. I am broken, dismayed, and rejected.

Then I saw Him. The One sitting on the throne as dazzling as brilliance. The radiance of an emerald encircled His throne like a rainbow. I saw love! My steps hastened by Mercy towards love. Then He smiled and opened His arms wide. I fell in love! A filthy me in the arms of the Distinguished King? Can it be? Then I looked at “me” through the eyes of Adonai. Arrayed in white with a magnificent crown on my head and a scepter of power in my hand? Where is my mess? Where is the brokenness? Disappeared!!

The King loves me! Out to the highways I ran, to the dead I called. Adonai wants them all. One came, thousands came, and billions came, into the kingdom of Yahweh an endless army trooped Power changed hands. The taskmaster kicked out, the unending sovereignty of the ones delivered commenced

Note: The love of the Father awaits you. He loves you just as you are. Come to Jesus today. He wants to love you. He will make you the King He has destined you to be. Come into His love now.

Layo Splendor

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