In His Mirror

October 23, 2020


The Igniter

Fine giant of the gospel, soft-spoken but anointed! A rare kind of Christ. One look at the sick and he or she will sing Hallelujah! Responsible and responsive, humble and charming. Such a man has not been seen since the days of David and Jonathan. A friend that is close to one’s heart than a brother. Abba’s finest. Made of divine verities, surrounded by angels and clothed in light. Sisters should look away pls, this one is taken but of his footsteps a lot can be learned! God’s kind of soldier


The Beamer

The Christkind, of you it was written in the volume of the work, I have come to do thy will o God. Drawn to Abba’s heart by the thread of love, consciously working out the light life. A member of the assembly of the saints in light, a light that shines in darkness and a whole continent is consumed! Though on the exterior but a girl at heart. The likes of you were raised for a season like this, that God might make a boast in Christ through you, that My son died and his death produced divinities like you. Great things are said of you, O daughter of Zion and the place He has given you in him is indelible! You are his kind! His body, His flesh, and His bones!


The Herald

Happy is the crown on the head of Jessica, daughter of Zion and a voice heralding many into the light. A rare kind of calm exudes around her. Like a still river, made of crystal and lapis lazuli. Never frowning or complaining, silently effective, growing at the pace of a rising meteor. The wonders He made you with are eternal, righteousness, love, inner beauty and courage. Your kind delights his angels, they say of you “She is our worthy leader”, unselfish, always thinking of others and how they can enjoy eternal bliss! Rhapsodic delight of everlasing essence, The name Jesus calls you is “The inward light”, he said you glow with his life and it is true. The heavens testify of you, the earth is nursing forth in joy! I join them and shout, I have a sister, made of light and love!


The Scepter

The first time I was told about her, I was in my office, praying. The Holy Spirit said, a Doctor is coming your way, to listen and to know I was expecting a man. Then she showed up with a smile as comforting as the light! Why else would heaven announce her coming? Her steps were ordered by the one whom she trusted with all without looking back. I love your faith, Sister Lolade, I love your Spirit, I love your heart, but much more than that, I love your God. Always dodging the limelight, yet working wonders in the background. A daughter that the Holy Spirit calls son, you are different among his stars! Your brightness is as intoxicating as your light! Your outstretched hands is like liquid love, reaching to the children of light and drawing them into the saviour’s loving arms! I have seen the report written of you by his angels, how you spur His church on to good works! What a wonder He has made you? What a wonder he will yet make of you? He says to tell you Favour is now yours to give, he has made it your right! His gift to you is a golden scepter of light, to draw many into His reality


The Orion

If you have ever wondered what the light looks like in the spirit, you will stop wondering after meeting. My Father’s heartbeat, the one the Holy Spirit called Dekavut. The Abider. I had to check until i found the meaning of that word and i even made it the theme of a communion service. Heaven is testifying of you, that you are in Him and your life is an extension of his love. Have you heard the bell ringing? It is the bell of your presence, announcing you to the lost and the weary around you that she that is made of light is here! Your tongue is magnetic, drawing the supernatural into fellowship at will! There is a song that your angels sing in my ears, it goes this way “Shinning, shinning, i will keep shinning until His light comes here, shinning shinning, i will keep shinning as I am one with Him”. When i heard that song, I said to myself, Here is a daughter of my father, immersed in a river of light and dwelling with Him in the high and lofty place! Can i tell you a secret? He calls you Orion, the North Star


The Vanguard

There is a sister that feels like a daughter, that daughter that can get away with anything with a smile, the one they say has the key to the father’s heart. That is Modupe. She doesn’t understand no. The first time i realized this was after a phone call with her, she said They said No but I won’t take the NO. And the Holy Spirit said, turn it. We did and it turned! I said Lord…, he said to me, “I have been watching over Mo for many years, I brought her up never to take a No and never to back down! WOW! She was nurtured to face the storm and still it. To face the fire and quench it. To see the wind and ride it. Mo is an eagle with a golden feather, she surfs the waves with angels and ministering spirits, Her laugher delight the heavens. Several times, the Holy Spirit would have told me she will reach out and why even before she did, Of all His children I call close, she enjoys that privilege distinctly. What a joy to have a light bearer as a sister. There is a path set before you, it is a path of light and elevation, the Holy Spirit says I will mount this height with you and deliver unto you the treasures you desire. That has always been her way, paved ahead and prepared for glory! The heavens declare the glory of his presence and power in your life and the children of light testify to it everyday! There is a crown of rainbow on your head, the Holy Spirit says, mercy was the adornment of your crown from the beginning! I celebrate your God, sweet sister


One day, The Holy Spirit said “Meno” will reach out to you. I thought Meno was an angel or a ministering spirit. Then I saw her message, Ayotinuolawole was the one the Holy Spirit referred to as MENO! Meno means “In me”, a fusion of one into one. It is difficult to translate, but to abide is one of the easiest way to translate it. It means one that is indelibly a part of one! The Holy Spirit “Meno(ed)” in Jesus after His baptism! I magnify the God of your salvation dear sister, the one who has called you with a Holy calling! It shows how much and for how long you have cultivated his presence. He called you the one who is a part of me! What a calling! The Holy Spirit says I am bringing spring your way, it is not the season, it is the ambiance of freshness and the adornment of newness in your walk with him. He says you will go on to surf the wind of glory to High places of His majesty. He says you are my heart song, a confluence point of many rivers of joy and gladness and I bear you upon my arms with great delight.

The Harbinger

Bolatito is a stirrer of ancient waters, her voice brings together a dazzling of the mara. There is something about the river of life and those who had taken a sip or a gulp of it. They do not have to cry for help to come! The water flowing out of their belly is directly from the aquifer of wonders. So many will boast of a good voice, some might even say they are multitalented composers but the minstrel that stirs the pneuma the way the spirit has permitted Bolatito is rare. There are some that angels help to sing, there are others that sing with angels, Bolatito is the kind that summons the myriads to a fellowship of eternal gushing without opening her eyes! Lightning beckons Bolatito, thunder calls! The children of light are reveling in the wonder-working glory of His manifestation in you! I celebrate the one who built wonder into your voice and anointed your head with oil to bring it forth! Nations are coming to see his Glory rise upon you! You are His harbinger of glory and His delight is in You!

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