January 14, 2024



I stepped into Eden, his presence, a garden so rare and enchanting

The flowers grow with a glow and make music of adoration

I found myself dancing on rainbows and floating in the luminescence created by eternal spirits

Awed, starstruck and enamored by all I see, I felt at home.

His eyes stayed glued on me, watching my every move like a proud Father

Smiles broke out on his face, eternally satisfied with me

I know I’m valued. For the perfection he made, was dancing to the rhythm of his will

Carried on the wings of the spirit and riding on the crest of his directions

A fairytale painted in a vivid, kaleidescope of colours

A view unmatched, a sight to behold, a memory encased in wonder, forever.

I knelt, bowed and my mouth was agape, yet my thoughts froze midstream

Words lose their power of expression before the marvel my eyes saw.

I did try but, I couldn’t find words to describe the beauty before me

All I could hear in my spirit and think of was glory, glory, glory, hallelujah

This was all I could utter, this was all the expression, I could give

My all was poured out to give him praise, praise He truly deserves.



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