El Hakkadosh

January 14, 2024



The God of heavens, the God of the universe, the source of all

Made of light, yet shrouded in darkness

An enigma unto some where his light is unapproachable

Demystified unto us the sons of light where we abide in his glorious light

In perpetuity, as we bask in his Illumination

Riding the crest of the giant wave in the river of light



El Hakkadosh, the God of Light

The river of life so zestful in its flow

Permeating the cores and crevices of creations

The breath of dynamism moving over the waters, conjoined to our spirits

So charged up our spirit crossed the rubicon

Where we have passed unto life and there is no turning back to death

He is life in his entirety with no billionth shred of an atom exempted



El Hakkadosh, the Origin of Life

The immaculate creator with majestic plans

Unfathomable to some

Indescribable, yet the creations gaze at his wonders

He charted a way for the lightning storms to waltz through

While the eerie wind of the winter dusk rings the hollow snow in complete obeisance to you

Gong! Gong!! It shrieks in the unity of the orchestra, clasping in melody

For your glory is melodious in tune



The Creator.

To be constant is to be holy

Unchanging in character since time immemorial

Amoral in perspectives, continuity with sustained words of life

Clothed with righteousness before the world began

Indubitable in presence and character

Unquestionable in commands

Incontestable, irrefutable, incontrovertible

The Almighty, the Commander of the Angels’ armies



El Hakkadosh, the mighty God.

El Hakkadosh, the righteous God.

El Hakkadosh, the Holy God.


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