January 14, 2024


Gracious, Gracious

This adulation we pour to you.

He who sits on the throne, a King whose backdrop of his throne is the magnificent complete rainbow but it can’t be called a rainbow because its no longer bow, it’s a complete wonder.

A King whose dwelling is light, we mortals experience the splendour of the light and shout IMOLE DE.


You said let there be light, light didn’t only come, life was birthed not just life but your own kind of life, strayed away but was found by your love, at this point I can shout EBENEZER because I helped by your daily.


How can one say they are like you and don’t understand that your Holiness isn’t about your purity, it has to do with your wonder. If Holiness was about purity, they you had no business being hung on a tree coz cursed is anyone being hung on a tree,how can curse and Holiness be associated, but you chose LOVE above Holiness knowing fully that the wonders of your Holiness is in your love.


The faith Of Christ says, “You’re righteous, holy and blameless NOW before the Father IN CHRIST. Christ cannot be condemned, so can’t you IN Him.”


We cry Holy! HOLY!! HOLY!!! Your glory has filled this place, the splendour of your Holiness brings the entire earth to its knees. We are complete in you, we are HOLY, Righteous.

Can we see the end of your wonder? Is there even an end to it?


HOLY Holy Holy, we cry daily…


Kaddosh, Kaddosh… we sing of your might and power.



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