January 14, 2024


El Hakkadosh, a name sweet and divine,

In sacred texts and in lives, its brilliance shine.

The title of the Holy One, Father to the son

Whose light shines brighter than the sun.




In reverent whispers, all hearts confess,

The essence of pure holiness, the DNA of us

A name that echoes through the ages,

In mystic lore, songs and even on ancient pages.




El Hakkadosh, Abba, the Most Holy One,

Our life source, where all things truly begun.

In awe and wonder, we doth proclaim,

The sacredness of him, one with a blessed name.




An anchor, a guiding star, a constant guide,

In times of joy and pain, He truly is by our side,

In moments of despair, wretchedness and loss,

El Hakkadosh omniscient, always there for us.




In prayer, praise and gratitude, we lift our voice,

In reverence, we make him our constant choice,

To him we honor, worship, and adore,

The Holy One, forevermore.




Now let us by faith walk this path of grace,

With El Hakkadosh in our embrace,

In him, we find our souls set free,

In sacred love, now and eternally.



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