Psalm of Hezron

August 2, 2021


Psalms of Hezron Tai Falodun

To the One who sits on the throne

Oh how I love your presence Holy Spirit
Your wraparound love overshadows me
My heart is increasingly made tender daily
I love your psalms Father
For you are One with me.

Oh how much I think of you my lover
In field of my thought where there are only two spectators: you and I
I contemplate you deeply on my bed
In my sleep, my thoughts are fixated on you

For my heart pants and thirsts longingly for you
It has been set on red blazing fire, and ready

to be forged to your desired glory
Your will and not mine Holy Spirit
In every step, every thought, every heartbeat

I sing to you new songs from my heart
As waters gush over me sending me to the realm of imagination
I love all that you love, I love all creations of the world
Bringing all nations to your glorious light

Shout for joy in an exceeding manner
Climb the white horse ready to gallop
Clap your sword to your shield aloud
Hold its golden mane tightly
As it neighs in strength and majesty
Ride! Ride!! Ride!!!

Ride all you soldiers of Zion
From the vantage point of victory, the battle is won already
Declare O’ye priests and kings
For you have been adorned with the shimmering mantle of power and scepter of authority
Take a stand O mighty warriors, and crush all injustice and pains
Tint the land with his glory rolling off carpets of oppressions.

Blessed be our King for ever
The King of Zion
The Lord Jesus

Psalms 2 of Hezron

To the One who redeemed me

My heart bursts to a thousand melodies
I will sing to you new songs in various tongues
In tongues of men and angels

Blessed be God my salvation
For he saved me from the clutch of sin
And catapulted me from darkness to light
Where guilt has no hold over me

I walk in the sweetness of the aura of your Spirit
As the waves of your glory spurts over me in wonder
Energising like the sun in its strength

For the sons will praise you forever
Through the outworking of the eternal life in us.


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