August 29, 2021


When I was in 200 level, a random guy walked
up to me
His name is Shola Michael Okelola, he was
the best graduating student of Bowen
University, 2007 set
A mathematics prodigy
He said “I saw you in a vision, you were standing
on top of a mountain and you were sharing bread
with a lot of people”
The message made no sense to me
I thanked the guy and walked away, I didn’t give
the prophecy a second thought
I didn’t even regard it as a prophecy
The guy was not one of those spiritual guys
who could give prophecies (In my opinion)
I wasn’t born again at the time and all I
wanted was to make my first class and
become a Nobel Laureate like Wole
I got home after that session, my mother
called me into her room and said “I saw a
vision, I saw you in a huge camp with a
lot of people around you.
You were sharing bread”
I cannot ignore my mother’s prophecy
She was very spiritual but as her son
I have a right to take her words for granted
and so I exercised that right!
I had plans
Crazy plans
My short term goal at that time was to
graduate and catch up with all the fun
I missed as an undergraduate
I couldn’t date any lady in school due to
lack of funds
I didn’t have the clothes or the resources
to be taken seriously
Of course, even in my poor state at the time,
I had some ladies that wanted to be with
me but I didn’t want to be with them
They were poor and not too fine
I may not have money, I knew I
Could do better once my circumstances
changed and those girls will now start
saying someone broke their heart as if
I was ever interested in their heart in
the first place
So I stayed away from relationships
There was a UI student with whom I was
having steady sex (don’t tell anybody pls)
She was in a relationship with another guy
so I only get a go when the other guy
had gone to Lagos (he lives in Lagos) or
whenever she was bored
I was her first boyfriend but I went off to
school and she met somebody else so
she decided to rotate the two of us!
I knew she was seeing somebody else
but I pretended not to know
I knew I won’t marry her
It was a relationship that had become a
So I knew I had to look for my own wife
somewhere down the line but while she
was available, I saw no reason to rock
the boat.
I went to visit this babe in school
She said “You’re going to become a man
of God, I have had this strong conviction
about it for a while, I just felt I should
tell you”
I almost fell off my chair with laughter
Imagine the audacity, a cheat and
steady fornicator claiming spirituality!
We got to her room
I remember walking her from her
department in Education to her room
in Abadina
She had my time and I had hers, thirty
minutes or so later I was on my way
back to campus
I got to Iwo and realized I still had four
hours to play with until 6 pm
I walked into a bar to drink
I started at about 2 pm
I had friends in Iwo since my secondary
school days
A phone call or two brought them to me
We began to talk and drink
When it was 6pm, I got a phone call from
It was the chaplain
By the way I was a Sunday school and
Bible Study teacher on campus
I joined the chaplain workforce because
workers paid ten thousand Naira less in
school fees
So it wasn’t anything spectacular
I was a fairly good teacher too (even if
I am the one saying so, students like my
fellowship and flocked to it in droves)
I wasn’t a spiritual guy and
I think the students like that
Some of the 100 level students even
call me “senior Samuel” or “Uncle Samuel”
They did this fondly, the way some call
Late Bola Ige “Uncle” without having
any blood ties to him
Anyway, the chaplain said “Lolu had an
emergency and had to travel!
Are you on campus yet, I’d like you to
handle the fellowship service at the
New Lecture Theater”
I was tipsy already and I was reeking
of cigarette smoke
I got some water, washed my face
Ate some groundnut
Sprayed a cheap perfume
The trick was not to get too close
to anybody
No hugs
No handshakes
Just keep your distance until the smell
dies down
Lest I forget, the smelly hand goes into
the armpit
The armpit kills cigarette smell instantly
I got on campus
Praise and worship had started
All I was required to do was teach from a
Ladies and gentlemen, Something happened!
The power of the Holy Spirit came down for
the first time in a way that still makes me quake
I was standing on the altar with a
microphone in my hand
I was about to say “In Jesus Name we worship”
The Holy Spirit struck like thunder!
It was crazy!
It was mad!!
A lady called Temilade who was born
whole but got some of her hands burnt in a
fire incident as a child got healed!
Healed like “The burnt hand stretched out
and the fingers grew/straightened out”
People began to scream everywhere
It was as if fire was poured over my head!
Oh my!
I cried and cried and cried
I was scared
I never knew God was real
When I read a book titled “Before our
very eyes”
A book written by friends of Wole Soyinka
after he won the Noble Laureatte I learned
some things about that man(he was my idol)
and I made up my mind there
Can be no God
I was wrong
The drink and all it’s effect were burnt out
of my body in a breeze
I began to tingle and shake from head
to toe
I thought I was going to die
I thought judgment had come
I wasn’t born again and I was pretending to be
I was doing all sorts while fooling
the people around me
It was terrible
I mourned my own life
That was the day I became born again
That was the day I gave my life to Christ
September 17, 2007
Prophecy is a force that propels its bearer
in the direction, he or she must go!
My life changed that day
All my plans died!
Here I am today, on that mountain
sharing bread…
In that auditorium, sharing bread…
Are you out there and your life seems to
be going in the wrong direction?
Begin to direct the course of your life
by the word of your mouth
It is called Forth telling
Is there a word of
God coming to you and leading you into
the future, speak it boldly!
It is called Foretelling!
When you agree with the word of God
you’re already on your way to fulfilling
your destiny

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