January 31, 2021


I have been waiting to share this
testimony since April 2020.
It is a long one but let me cut it short
After my first attempt to do my Masters
in Germany, I gave up.
My mother didn’t o.
April 2020 she started again.
I was told that age and my biotech
background would be a problem, but
God had other plans.
Then Covid happened.
To be honest , I gave up.
But my mum, she didn’t .
When the call came in December
that my visa application had been
approved, I came to share on PSSBC
minister’s forum.
What followed is what I can only
term as supernatural grace.
From my wonderful big sis @Oduonyi
Bibama constantly checking up on
me, to mummy @Mummy Arowosere
randomly sending me a message that
she was joining her faith to mine.
I had a delay in getting back response,
and during one of her checking up on
me, sis @Oduonyi Bibama said “make
your declaration” , brethren in less
than a minute, an email I have been
waiting for weeks dropped
I sent pastor Pastor Eyitayo a message
that I was nervous.
They had not returned my passport and
Covid-19 second wave was looming.
He said “call it forth”.
It was the first day of our 21 days fast.
A Monday.
I said “my passport with my visa comes
Even when it didn’t come, I knew it came
(I don’t know how ).
When the UPS man called on Tuesday,
he told me he had gotten to my street
on Monday but Glo network.
Then in the midst of preparation, God
again used sis @Oduonyi Bibama
Even with some nonsense they wanted
to try at the airport, it didn’t work.
Bro @GSWMI was amazing in taking
time to pray with us.
I didn’t spend up to 10 minutes in immigration.
None of my goods got missing.
No anxiety during flight, which for me is
a major testimony .
And now, here I am, in my room in Canada.
Please,help me take out time to specially
tell Abba “thank you for Priscilla “.

-Priscilla Omoruyi

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