Prevailing Prayer

January 14, 2024



I learnt how to pray to the Lord for the establishment of His will and purpose for my life the hard way

It has always been my conviction that we don’t really need to take everything to the Lord in prayer

I felt we were given brains and minds for a reason, if something feels good, it

must be pursued to its logical conclusion

Not praying would lead you into pits of grievous mistakes because a decision made outside of prayer would lead to several other decisions made outside of prayer and inevitably, errors will become a compound interest you will be paying for many years

Take for example the decision to get married

Many believe they have to pray very hard to get the right partner, I will later come to believe so too especially because many of those who I know who claimed to have prayed hard didn’t really have a very happy marriage

In my opinion, I would say in those days, “Marry your friend” or if he or she makes your heart go “tick-tock” then that is the one

I will later learn that it is one thing for the heart to beat tick-tock, and another thing to have peace of mind

Prayer prepares us for a tomorrow we can neither see nor control

Prayer sets us on course for the best outcomes for every decision we have to make

It is very good to pray

It is better to pray right

It is best to pray as led by the Holy Spirit

Many believers don’t know the difference between the three, this is why many don’t prevail in prayers

Prayer makes power available

Power is then used to do greater works

The evidence of the greater works are miracles, signs, and wonders which we command in this world and an elevation by the Spirit into a divine status in the world of men

Many pray without using the power that has been made available effectively

Some ask God to come and do the things they have been given the power and authority to do

We say, “Jesus come and heal this sick man.” Instead of saying, “Sick man, in the name of Jesus be healed!” (But I digress)

Praying through life’s decisions will save you from many seen and unseen pitfalls

You will see the red flags and even if you are determined to dive headlong into the red flag-ridden situation you will see yourself being held back or prevented from it supernaturally.

There is always room for that divine intervention when we pray

Some of the mistakes we made when we waded into murky waters without praying may take years to be unmade (if ever)

The consequences are dire and they leave marks that we bear for life

You can sometimes pray an error into rightness but most times, praying after we have made a life-altering error is just noise making

The only way the prodigal son got redemption was by coming back to the Father

Often times we need to retrace our steps and follow the will of God for prayers to be truly effective in our lives

The month of June has been declared to be the month of prevailing prayers in GSWMI We will pray through all issues and we will have tangible results to show for our endeavors

We will pray in the spirit

We will pray in understanding

We will speak to mountains and they will move!

Please join our prayer chain and prayer announcements

Use your own mouth to determine the course of tomorrow

Use your mouth to change what has been to what ought to be

Pray with us effectively in the Holy Spirit Let us live by the edicts of the Spirit!


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