January 30, 2021


Just now, after leaving sister
Ihuoma’s house at Owerri
I was heading to the airport,
I took a bike.
The bike man was a believer!
He started preaching to me.
I kept quiet as he preached
and prayed.
When he was done I said “Your
name is Goodnews Uche”
He parked his bike and looked
at me.
He said “Sir, how did you know?”
I said the Lord told me about
you earlier today while I was
at the burial and what he said
made me realize I might meet
you in person today.
He said “Sir, I am not a bike man,
I am a gospel artist.
I recently launched my album and
it didn’t do well.
When I heard there will be a
burial today I borrowed this bike
to do some runs to make some change
to keep body and soul together.
I said “The Lord said he is opening
the book of remembrance unto you and
other good things and I want to be
the first to back up what God said
with action. So I took some good
cash and gave him. He cried so hard
that I had to tell him to allow
another bike man to take me to the
airport because I don’t want to
miss my flight.
He gave me a copy of his CD
He said “How can God be like this”
I said “I am not surprised at all”

The Word of Knowledge came at 11:16
on the PSSBC Minister’s Platform.
I met him at 1:35pm.

PS: I went to Owerri to attend the
funeral service of Deacon Azuwuike
Ephraim Agumanu Ph.D (1943-2020)
A man of God with a godly legacy
I met him once, we spoke for about
an hour and I was enraptured by the
essence of God that shone forth
through him
Naturally, i wouldn’t travel that
day because I had a ministration
later that evening but for such
a man of God, It was a must
I am happy I went for the occasion
While there, the PSSBC team began
to pray on Zoom and Whatsapp in
preparation for the Night of Glory
holding later that evening
It was during the prayer that the
Word of Knowledge came forth about
this evangelist
Minutes after receiving the word
I got a message that my flight
back to Lagos has been canceled                                                                                                                           and I had to leave by 1 pm                                                                                                                                      so that I can book another available                                                                                                                    flight back to Lagos
Sister Ihuoma offered to arrange for
a car to drop me but I said No.
She need not be distracted on the
day she was seeing her father off
This was what led me to the town
by myself
Little did I know everything was
divinely orchestrated by the Holy
Walking in Him is everything to me
I love you sweet Holy Spirit,
You’re my Father and my life

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