January 18, 2021


Someone preached the gospel to
another person of another religion
She didn’t carry a megaphone at
5AM in the morning to disturb the
The person she preached to was
in the same car with her
The person was not a child
The person could have told the
person preaching to him to “shut up”
at anytime
The preacher and the one being
preached to are both mature adults
The person that was preached to
didn’t report being harassed or
It was the one who preached that
excitedly talked about the experience
But this is Twitter
All the dumb poles have an opinion
The opinion is not going to be based
on any form of objectivity
What we want are retweet and likes
So we check the pulse of the community
We look at the popular handles
We have to go with popular opinion
so that our opinion and that of
“celebrities” are in sync
We decide to jump into the
conversation and vilify the one
who dared to share her faith
We decided faith is a personal virus
that shouldn’t be spread to others
You must keep your faith and let me
keep mine
We are wrong
We are wrong because that
opinion is contrary to the word of
No matter how popular you are or
how many followers you have on
Twitter, you are dust!
Your time in this world is borrowed
Your opinion is zilch
You have nothing to offer me on
the other side of time
Your knowledge and protestations
are irrelevant
Only one thing is really
important to me
That I do the will of God
My mother was not born a Christian
I thank God every day for the
person who preached the gospel
to my mother
If the person and others like him
or her had kept quiet
Only God knows how my life
would have turned out
The gospel is the light
As long as a believer didn’t
constitute a nuisance by disturbing
the community with noise-making
gadgets or by sharing his or faith
with people who are not receptive
to it, sharing one’s faith is doing
the will of God
If you will not share the gospel and
you are intimidating
others who share the gospel based
on your philosophies and convenience
– I am very sorry for you
The gospel makes the feet of those
who preach it to shine and burn bright
If you are ashamed of the gospel of
Christ, you are ashamed of the power
of God unto salvation
You are to be
Remember what was said about
that stone?
Those who stumble on it are broken
to pieces and those upon which it
falls are grounded to powder
A fool that keeps his or opinion to
himself is often considered wise
Jesus said to preach the gospel
and make disciples of all nations
and you are saying sharing the good
news is wrong?
Who did you die for?
Who are you?
Oh my!
A speck of mere dust that will not
be remembered or known in 100 years
I laugh and laugh as i write this
Reminds me of the Character called
Olaf in the animation called Frozen
Olaf only existed because there
was snow
Its existence and opinions and entire
life was based on the existence of a
particular weather
During the Summer, Olaf withers
The same applies to every one of us
and our high opinions
The one whose gospel has suddenly
started to irritate us is
the reason we are alive
I have been walking in the gospel and
sharing the gospel for many years
When the chips are down, those who
had the loudest voice on Twitter will
tremble and quake and buckle and
knock their knees under the briefest
of challenges and run to God for help!
All the education in the world will
come to naught when life shows up
Most of us have lost insight and
We speak without recourse to depth
We have faked it for so long that
we have come to believe our own
deception that we have life handled
I will advise us all to pick
up our phones and declare our
faith boldly on our bios
Let the world know you are a
believer and if they come seeking
the reason for the Hope you have,
be very open to share your faith
with whosoever
If you are ashamed of eternal life
while living out your temporary life, you
can not be counted among the wise
Those who preach the gospel are
counted as wise and will shine like
the sun right from this earth
Always remember this
When you preach the gospel, the
power of the Holy Spirit is given
full expression in you and in the
life of the one to whom the gospel
was preached
I met so many people on Twitter
whose lives were transformed by
the gospel of Jesus Christ
The testimonies of transformed
destinies around me are innumerable
When the gospel you preach is real
and potent, people will come
begging for it but when it is mere
words, lawyers and motivational
speakers will call your bluff.
The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ
is my life and reality, it is the salt
that comes forth from me and the
light that shines forth through me!
I cannot but preach the gospel
It is the air I breathe and through it
I have seen many who were lost in
darkness translated into the light
Against this gospel, there is no
opposition or ridiculous opinions
When your gospel raises the dead,
even unbelievers sneak into your
DM seeking help
Against the power of the gospel
everything pales
I encourage believers to preach
the gospel always
Let your life be the gospel
Let your words be seasoned with
Shine the light
Heal the sick
Raise the dead
Do the greater works
Remember you are occupying
until Jesus comes
Ignore the chatter of ignorance
and persecution
Please the LORD!

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