Pelters or Blessers

March 10, 2021


He was a false brother
Of course, he didn’t introduce
himself as such
He came talking about the supernatural
he had seen or read about and the ones
he had done by the help of the Holy Spirit
He dropped a lot of big names, men
of God with whom he had worked and
It was a very light conversation
“I believe we can do a lot together,” the
brother said
He merely nodded
He enjoyed their talk and soon after
then they went to have lunch together
The brother didn’t have a job and things
were tight
He was the one who footed the bill for
the lunch
The packed a full plate and even got
take away packs for his wife
He deduced the brother must have
been very hungry
He even paid for the Uber ride that
took the brother home
A week later, the brother was back
This time he came with a lady
The brother said the lady had some spiritual
problem and they had prayed together
But the problem persisted
The brother said he decided to bring the
lady to him for prayers
He prayed with the lady in the presence
of the brother
The Holy Spirit moved mightily
Right after praying, the lady asked to use
the restroom
A few minutes later she came out
“Come and see what came out of me
in the toilet”
They went to see
It was a lump of tissue, the fibroid that
had been occupying her womb
It was the first time the brother saw
that kind of miracle in his life
The brother told him he had a vision
A vision of the two of them running a
ministry together
He told the brother he never saw such
a vision
He didn’t even know if God had called
him to have a ministry
He was just a believer who the promised
signs and wonders were following by
the power of the Holy Spirit
The brother told him to go and pray
about it
When he got home that day he was
They were both young men
He had a family and a good job
Could God be asking him to go into
Could God be telling him to go into
ministry with the brother?
He couldn’t sleep all night
felt very wrong
The next morning at about 9 AM, he had
to drive to Lagos Island for a meeting
He remembered the brother had told
him he was living somewhere close
to Adeniji
He parked and checked their WhatsApp
chat record
He found the brother’s address and
followed the direction
given by the app to the street
As soon as he got to the street, he saw
the brother standing on the balcony of
a building
There was a lady beside the brother
The lady was the lady he prayed for, the
one fibroid dropped out of
He saw them clearly
He had to drive down the street to
because it was a narrow street and there
was no parking space
He drove on for about 2 minutes without
finding any space
He called the brother
“Hello brother, I have a business on the
island and decided to pop in on you,
I am on your street right now”
The brother replied “Oh, I am
not at home at the moment.
You should have called before coming
I am in a meeting right now and will
call you back in a few minutes”
He knew what he saw but he got the
Perhaps the brother does not want to
be disturbed or had left home since
he drove past the brother’s house
He found his way out of the brother’s
street and drove back to his office
He told himself it is possible that the
sister with the brother was his wife
The brother’s wife was working with
a bank according to their previous
discussion but he had never met her
The following week, the brother sent
him a message that he had traveled
for some interviews in Port Harcourt
Three days after the brother traveled
he got a phone call from a pastor in
Port Harcourt
The pastor asked him if he would like
to come to Port Harcourt for a
ministration in his church
The pastor said he met the brother
and the brother told him all about the
mighty miracles God was doing
through him
His ticket and hotel details were sent
that very day
He got to Port Harcourt that weekend
and the ministration was supernatural
It was his first time
ministering outside of Lagos
By the time he got home, his parish
pastor had heard the news and the
workforce in his church gave him a
standing ovation for being a good
ambassador of the church
His pastor asked him if he would like
to start a program in the church so
that the church members can be
blessed by the grace of God upon him
It was a wonderful opportunity for
him to come out of his shell and do
His father’s work
He said yes and started a once a
month program
When he told the brother about it, the
brother was elated
The ministry “vision” had
been confirmed
At the inaugural fellowship meeting, he
gave the brother the altar for thirty
minutes to lead some prayers
The brother’s face was also on the
poster and banners
The brother ministered
He ministered
The power of the Holy Spirit moved
After the service, some
people went to meet the brother to
get his phone number
(Christians do that, only God knows
why but most believers do that thing)
They judge everything by the flesh and
chase men of God even after praying
They have no faith in their own prayers
and end up falling victims of the
wolves in sheep clothing
He was a member of the church but
the brother was the novel one after
that service
He couldn’t stop people from fawning
over the brother
They had ministered together for three
months before the brother arrived at
his office with his wife one morning
The woman the brother brought was
different from the one he saw the
brother with the other time
He was sure of what he saw
He was sure of who he saw
He kept mum until they met later in
the week
He told the brother to explain the
relationship between him and the
other lady
The brother
denied having anything to do with
the lady
He had no option but to let it be but
he was quite uneasy about the affair
Two months later his pastor called
him on a Wednesday
“Please see me” was all the pastor
He drove to the pastor’s house the
following morning
The pastor said
an accusation had been brought
against the brother by one of the
men in the church
One of the men had accused the
brother he brought to minister in
the church of taking advantage of
his wife’s condition sexually
The accuser said his wife had been
desperate to have a baby for some
time and called the brother
The brother met with this man’s wife
in his house and told her there is a
kind of prayer that is done only in the
company of angels
The brother lit up fragrances all about
a room and told the lady to strip while
he summoned angels with supernatural
Then he gave the man’s wife oil to
rub all over her body after which he
blindfolded her so that she will not be
struck dead by the blinding light of
the angel
The angel came and possessed the
brother and the brother slept with the
man’s wife
The brother told the man’s
wife the ritual had to be done seven
She was also to pay Fifty thousand
Naira per session
The lady had done five sessions before
she ran out of money
She asked her husband for some money
and explained what had been going on
to her husband
That was how the man added two plus
two and called the pastor
The pastor wanted him to explain if he
had gotten himself into a cult or had
started dabbling into the occult
He was shocked to the marrow
The brother’s conduct had destroyed his
reputation in his local church
His pastor was having doubts about his
He told the pastor how he met the brother
The pastor told him to sever all ties
He did more than that
He went to the police station and got
the brother arrested for extortion and
The man and his wife got most of their
money back but there are things that
cannot be restituted
The brother came out of it three days
The brother got bailed by his wife
A week later, he saw the poster of the
The brother had started his own ministry
and was addressing himself as the
General Overseer
Some of the people who met the brother
him started attending the brother’s church
He didn’t know how he was supposed to
handle it
Go about telling everybody the brother
was a devil incarnate or leave things to
The former would be petty and impossible
to do
He kept as far away as possible from the
brother and told
the truth to all those who cared to ask
him why they were not together again
The only regret he had was giving the
brother a platform of legitimacy
He practically launched a fraud into
ministry and many people were deceived
A few months later, he started his
ministry too

PS: And that because of false brethren
unawares brought in, who came in
privily to spy out our liberty which
we have in Christ Jesus, that they
might bring us into bondage
(Galatians 2:4).
The Bible tells us about these three
groups: false teachers, false prophets,
and false brethren. It also clearly
shows us the different things they’ll
do in these last days.
Could there really be false brethren
in churches? Absolutely!
False brethren are those who come
in amongst God’s people, not for their
love for Jesus Christ, but for a
different purpose.
They come in unawares, to spy out
our liberty in Christ Jesus, that they
might bring us into bondage.
They present a false image, in order to
gain some advantage.
The Bible says, “And in their
covetousness (lust, greed) they will
exploit you with false (cunning)
arguments…” (2 Peter 2:3 AMPC).
False brethren always look for ways
to make money off other brethren.
Meanwhile, they’re the ones who
neither tithe nor give in church.
Their goal is to make merchandise
of the brethren.
They can do anything for money,
including betraying their Pastor,
leader, or even the church.
They’re the ones who take church
matters to the public or report to the
authorities or news media for
pecuniary reasons.
The Bible says they’re among us
to spy on us, hoping to get some
matter of accusation against us.
It may not be so easy to identify
false brethren because of their
pretentious ways.
But Jesus said, “Wherefore by their
fruits ye shall know them”
(Matthew 7:20).
One of the identifying signs of false
brethren is that they despise authority.
They’ll try to convince others on why
they shouldn’t believe or do everything
the Pastor or leadership of the church
If they heard you wanted to seek
pastoral guidance for something
personal to you, for example, they’ll
ridicule the idea and make you feel
you’re being naïve.
God’s counsel to us concerning false
brethren is that we mark, and not
associate with them, because of their
corrupting influence.
Many true Christians have fallen
away from the Faith because of such
unwholesome association.
Therefore, do what the Word says:
“Withdraw yourself from every
brother or sister that walks disorderly”
(2 Thessalonians 3:6).
Pay attention to that voice of
Pay attention to the little things
Do not disregard the subtle hints
and the unsettled feeling in the pit
of your stomach about certain people
after you meet them
Be such a Bishop, an Apostle or a
As long as you are full of the Holy
Spirit and remain sensitive to him,
you will feel that restraint when
you meet a false brother or a
false sister
Sometimes you tell yourself you
can help such a brother by teaching
him the way of the Lord so that he
Sometimes you get swamped by
gifts and a pretense and you overlook
the red flags
Learn from someone else’s experience
run as far as possible from false
Kindly note that this is not a Brother
in Jeans and T-shirt’s personal
This event happened in Lagos, Nigeria
Thank you

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