March 26, 2022


I was sitting in the reception
of the hotel, minding my own
business when they approached.
They were two beautiful ladies
One was tall, fair and
a little bit forward or aggressive
in her approach. The other was
short, dark, and more restrained
(or shall I say she was hiding
behind the persona of the first).

They sat down uninvited and
asked if I could buy them
a drink. “Sir, we’ve noticed
you were sitting here alone
for some time and we felt
we should approach you and
keep you company if you
would buy us a drink
“I smiled and told them
they can order a drink
as long as it is non-alcoholic”.
They ordered Chapman, then they
made their pitch. The aggressive one
said “I am a graduate
of so and so course at UNILAG,
I also own an Instagram page
where I sell exotic wines.
I am a businesswoman and
I have a huge vision to own
one of the best wine shops
in Lagos within the next three years.
I was impressed. She spoke fluently
and was very sure of herself.
I turned to the other lady and
said, “What about you?”
She started to speak and
I noticed something quite odd.
Her command of the English
language was quite poor
She tried but her accent and
choice of words spoke of a lady
without much education who probably
grew up in the slums.

She said she didn’t have a
secondary school education.
She had however acquired the
skill of hairdressing and all
she needed help for was to
set up her business. She said
she had found a shop at Ikeja,
she needed hairdryers,
wash hand basin, hand dryers, mirrors,
relaxers, conditioners, wigs or hairs,
hair treatment stuff, and so on.
Her budget to set up was seven
million naira. By this time they had
finished their drinks, I paid and
told them it was nice meeting them.
I had planned to sit alone
and reflect for some time
but they had really badgered
themselves into my space and
filled it with half-truths.

They were both prostitutes,
of that I was very sure and
their intention was to proposition
me for sex. Of that, I was
very certain. As soon as
I stood up to leave, the aggressive
one stood up too and said
“Don’t you like our company?
Did we do something wrong?
Is it because we were talking
about our challenges? Please don’t
leave, we can talk about
anything you want. Please,
just stay with us for a
few more minutes
I turned to the fair one.
I said “Why do you do
what you’re doing now?
I mean, why do you go
out like this?”
(The time was about 11 pm)
“I need some money to
buy a ticket to visit France
and Italy. I already have the
visa and some money to
buy some of the stock
I need for my shop
My visa will expire soon and
I have to use it, this is why
I came out today.
If you can help me,
I wouldn’t mind.

The contrast between the two ladies
was like night and day
The tall, forward, and fair one
couldn’t pretend to be poor even
if she wanted to while
the other one couldn’t pretend
to be rich to save her life.
What an odd duo?

By this time, I was close
to the elevator and they were
still pleading with me to stay.
So I asked “Why do you
desperately want me
to stay here?” The dark one
said “The hotel security will
throw us out if we
were found loitering without
the company of a guest
once you leave.

We have good information
that some guys will be arriving to
lodge here tonight and they
may need company. They should
arrive before midnight, please
keep us company till then”
I shook my head
The fair one said
“We will buy you a drink
and you can tell us about
your hustle and we can network.
You never can tell when
you may need us or our
services in future”
I said “Okay”
We returned to the reception
They ordered something alcoholic
I ordered water.
I was feeling quite sleepy
by this time
“So what do you do?”
Asked the dark one
I said, “I am a minister
of the gospel”. They exchanged looks
and laughed. I asked them
why they were laughing.
The fair one said “When we
saw that you were sitting all alone,
I told her you’re most likely
one of those spirikoko pastors”
They started laughing again.

Then I remembered what the
Holy Spirit used to teach me
constantly about putting on Christ
The Holy Spirit would say,
“Do not think you’re like
other men, do not rely on
human understanding. Be full
of the Holy Spirit, engage the
Spirit of Jesus in all your interactions
The Holy Spirit is your advantage!”
I began to speak in tongues,
not aloud but silently.

Then I said “Your real name
is so and so, you are
In a relationship that has lasted
for nine years. Your husband to be
Is from your village, he is into
pharmaceutical business and has
sponsored your education
since you were in SS1
He has no idea you sleep
around for money. Your desire
is to make enough money
to pay him off because
you don’t want to marry him.
You don’t love him”
By this time they had both
stopped laughing.
I turned to the dark one
and said “You used to
be the priestess of a shrine.
You left home when your mother died
because you loved her and
the idol you were worshiping
didn’t save her life.
You are a hairdresser and
you don’t like sleeping around
even though you’re the one
who has been showing
your friend here the ropes
since you guys met five months
ago. You have a pain in
your pelvic area, you are
increasingly experiencing a
burning sensation when you urinate
but you are hoping it will
go away by itself”.The dark
one started crying. The fair one
said “Can you tell me my future?
Did I marry him or did
I get to be free?”
I didn’t know the answer
to her questions. I extended
my left hand to her, she held
it and began to experience
the power of the Holy Spirit
right there on her seat
(I mean she started vibrating and crying)
This lasted for about ten minutes
Her friend was seated in silence.
By the time, she came to herself,
she also sat in silence.
It was not an awkward silence.
It was one of those spiritual
introspections we often lapse into
after experiencing the power of God.

Suddenly, their phones went crazy,
killing the silence. The guests they were
expecting had arrived.
I waved at them and left
I really needed to sleep.
We didn’t exchange numbers
or made any plans to keep in touch.
I was certain the Lord will
keep them and make their crooked
paths straight.
(This event happened on September 30/October 1st,
2020 at a hotel in Surulere)
I was in Lagos for an
October 1st Ministration and
had to stay in the hotel overnight.

PS: On the 18th of February,
I went for a haircut at another hotel.
I had lodged there because
I had an outing with the @GSWMI_RNation
on the 19th and another ministration at RCCG
Solution center Gbagada on the 20th of March.
I got into the saloon.
The first person I saw was
the dark lady, she was making hair
for some customers. I didn’t
recognize her. She said “Pastor!
Do you remember me?
We met at so and so hotel in 2020.
I was the hairdresser lady
you counseled. I was with so and so,
the lady selling wine. I said, “Oh, hi!”
(I really didn’t remember).
She told me God came through
and the saloon was hers.
She told me her friend has
now relocated to Canada and
didn’t marry the guy
I just nodded.

At 3 am this morning,
It all came to me!

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