Popping Cherries

December 26, 2020


For four years, he waited
He waited in pain and agony
He waited in hope and trepidation
He waited in silence
Everybody told him it was the right
thing to do in order to make heaven
His church pastor told him he cannot
move on
His parents told him to have faith
They told him there is a God who
They told him to hold on
He had to
His wife eloped with a South African
Pilot in 2015
She had been cheating on him with
some other men on and off before
He had no idea what was going on
Apparently, the reason the marriage
dragged on for four years was because
his wife hadn’t found the right person
to jump ship for
She was a chartered accountant
He was a chartered accountant too
They met at a firm they were both
hopeful of working at
He got the job, she didn’t
But they had become friends as they
moved from one stage of the interview
to the other
They both knew either of them would
get the job but they couldn’t resist
being friends
She was the gregarious type
He was the quiet and taciturn type
His social life was almost zero
Before he met his wife, he had only
dated two other women
The first was a medical doctor who
left him because he was too boring
The other was a music minister who
loved him but couldn’t wait for him
to finish his ICAN before moving
on with another guy who loved her
and was ready to get married
His wife practically fell on his lap
After he got the job, the friendship
became serious
She told him she couldn’t do without
him and he believed
Three months after he got the job,
she moved in with him
He would later learn that she had
accommodation issues and desperately
needed somewhere to move to as
her landlord had ejected her
She told him nothing like that
He came home from work one day
and found her standing by the gate
of his house
She said she wanted to pay him a
surprise visit and also wanted to make
sure he was a bachelor like he claimed
It was the second statement that
made him conclude that she wanted
a serious relationship with him
She stayed over that day
She cooked him dinner, drew his bath
and did home engineering duties
He was very impressed
By the time she moved in, he was
convinced without a doubt that
she was the one
All the signs pointed to that fact
Nine months after he met her,
he proposed and she said yes
They got married
The marriage was in his opinion
very good until she got a job
She was employed by an airline
where she had the opportunity
of meeting many rich and influential
She was a social wrung climber
(Someone who attaches herself to
people of a particular class in order
to move up the social ladder into
that class)
Before they met, she had dated
her way upward
The reality of dating socially upward
was not bad in itself until it becomes
a serial habit
Sometime during their second year
of marriage, his wife began to travel
to South Africa frequently
She told him it was for work and he
believed her
One day she left and she didn’t return
When he contacted her office, he was
told she had resigned
He later learned she was living with a
pilot in South Africa
He didn’t see any sign
He didn’t suspect anything
He ran to her parents
They told him they had no hands in it
He ran to the church, his pastor said
He should keep praying
He ran to his parents, his parents said
he should trust to hope
So he waited
They told him it was a trying time
They told him it was a perilous time
They told him it was a price he had
to pay for his faith to be stronger
A year after she left, he traveled to
South Africa
He wanted to see for himself what
was going on
He had gotten her address from one
of her close cousins
He wanted to know how to move on
He got to South Africa and booked
a hotel close to her house
He planned to called her when he got
there but he chickened out at the
last minute
He really missed her but what would
be the point of disrupting her life
and causing trouble in a strange land
He didn’t know the kind of guy the
pilot was
He didn’t think he should risk his life
or getting physical injury over a woman
even if she was his wife
He eventually summoned courage
He wrote a letter and went to her
His plan was to drop the letter and
wait for response
He had written his contact address
(The hotel he was lodged in and
phone numbers) in the letter
She was living in a very expensive
The type that uses a doorman
Each flat had a pigeonhole downstairs
where letters could be dropped
He explained to the doorman that
he had a letter to deliver to the
The doorman took the letter from him
He turned around to leave and saw
her walking up the entrance stairs
towards him
He called her name
She turned towards him, he saw the
baby carrier on her shoulders and a
baby in it
She looked at him, paused for a brief
second to be sure she was not looking
at an apparition and shook her head
Then she walked steadily into the
apartment building
He just stood there…
After about three minutes, he left
He had all the answers he needed
She had moved on
Later that evening as he was waiting
for the night to pass so that he can
catch his flight back to Nigeria the
next morning, his phone rang
He picked it
It was her
She said “What are you doing here?”
It was at that very moment that he
remembered she told him she wanted
to wait at least until she was thirty
before she started trying to conceive
He agreed with her that they both
had more than enough time to wait
and sort things out before having
His family was not the type to meddle
into such details of his life
She was twenty-six years and seven
days old when they got married
She was twenty-eight when he saw
her again and she already had a baby
It means she just didn’t want to have
children with him
He wasn’t the one
That was his conclusion
She just used him
He told her he was catching the first
flight back to Nigeria the next day
He came for closure and he had
gotten closure
She didn’t say anything else
There was a long silence and a click
as she dropped the clock
He returned to Nigeria
He went to discuss with the pastor
of his church
He just wanted to move on with his
The pastor said he should pray that
God will judge his wife by killing her
so that he can be set free to remarry
He said “Yes sir”
He stopped going to church the
following week
He lied to the pastor that he was
traveling to buy some time
As soon as his rent was due, he
moved to another part of the city
He needed to restart his life
He read a story on
and reached out to the brother
in Jeans and T-shirt
He wanted to be sure God will still
love him if he met someone else and
They had a long and fruitful discussion
They discussed religion and Jesus
The Bible stated categorically by the
coming of Jesus that a people living
in darkness has seen a great light!
The Bible was talking about the Jews
The JEWS were the people living in
The Jews that had all the laws of Moses
and all the prophets were described as
living in darkness
Jesus was the great light
The law was sin and death and it saved
If the law could save, Jesus wouldn’t
have to come
Moses brought the law and categorically
stated that the children of Israel must
not marry foreigners
Then Moses himself married an Ethiopian
When his sister and brother protested,
God took Moses’s side
Nobody can lose his or her salvation
over domestic issues
Nowhere was such written or stated
Truth is, if you know the gospel and
walk in its light, you will be able to
see clearly why there is no marriage
in heaven as Jesus stated
We are spirit beings
Marriage is for mortals
Do the maths!
He was shocked to see the gospel
explained so simply
If marriage can not give you eternal
life, marriage cannot take eternal life
from you
Eternal life is a gift from God to the
whole world through Jesus Christ
Whosoever believes in the Lord
Jesus and confesses him shall be
saved. Amen
Brother Godfrey met sister Roselyn
on Christmas Day of 2019
He said he walked into a shop at the
mall to pick some gifts for his parents,
nephews and nieces when he saw her
She was the manager of the store
(Not the owner)
He told her what he had in mind
and while he sat down nursing a bottle
of wine, she used her discretion to pick
the gifts for him
He said it was as if she saw into his heart
The gifts were all perfect
They exchange numbers and started
He introduced her to the gospel
They both met with the Brother in Jeans
and T-shirt and were baptized in the
Holy Ghost
Sister Roselyn was an orphan who was
raised by the church since the age of five
She had never seen or heard from the
Holy Spirit before that encounter
Things changed rapidly after as they
both grew in the faith
On the 19th of June, 2020
Brother Godfrey proposed to Sister
Sister Roselyn said “Yes”
Today, being 26th day of December
2020, Brother Godfrey and Sister
Roselyn will be getting married
somewhere in Nigeria
Brother Godfrey said “Brother Gbenga,
Thank you, sir. Please write my story!
Sister Roselyn said “Please write the
story as our wedding present”
The joy bursting forth from the two
of them cannot be contained
Glory be to God

PS: Fear has failed as the reason
to stay married
Fear can only bring torment
When I hear couples say “I am
staying in this marriage because
I want to make heaven” I just
shake my head
Those who teach such rubbish
are misrepresenting the word of
We stay in our marriages because
that is the right thing to do and
we have been enabled to do that
by the power of the Holy Spirit!
If we all exhibit the fruits of the spirit
our homes would be heaven on earth
I recently spoke with a cheating
husband who said “My wife is a
Christian, she is always praying and
reading the Bible. By the tenet
of her religion she should forgive me
such indiscretions.
If she can’t forgive me and move on
it means she is a hypocrite!”
That is what a carnal interpretation
of a spiritual reality does
It perverts the truth and exchanges
the eternal for the temporal
Religion binds people to darkness
Christ translate people from darkness
to light
You have the right to walk in bondage
or liberty
You have the right to use your liberty
as led by the Holy Spirit to frame your
aeons and live out His plan for you
You can also abuse your liberty by
living the wrong way and you will reap
the consequence in this world
Your reality in Christ is up to you.
Happy Married life to Brother G and
Sister R!
May your Home be a tree of
righteousness planted by the river
of life

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