Devoiding the Void

November 4, 2020


A child is born.
The mother stood in awe
The father swelled with pride
Something precious birthed from
crannies invisible to the naked eye
A miracle!
Family rejoices, neighbors coos at
the fragile being lying in the cradle
Many exclaimed at the beauty of this
folds of flesh
The beginning of a new life!

Angels’ delight is mixed with trepidation
at another born with a choice between
good and evil
Devils scoff at this being with an untapped
capacity above that of angels
Made a little lower than God, the placement
of this creature puts demons far down the
ladder of hierarchy
The beginning of a new race!

As each day unfolds
Complexity becomes glaring to this
creature who entered this sphere without
a care in the world
Something is missing!
A gnawing, a dissatisfaction
There is a vacuum deep down somewhere
Like the bottomless pit without an end
This creature is a multifaceted being
no doubt!

The quest for awareness presents
an opportunity
The trickster grabbed the opportunity
to peddle his wares to this unwary being
“Chase money,” he says, but there
was no fulfillment
“Sex?” That creates even more emptiness
“Power, fame, and influence?”
Why do these make you insatiable?
Littered with unmet expectations

A man thinks others have it better
Ignorant of the cosmetics disguising
the emptiness within those perfect
Many believe life is unfair to them,
growing up is a trap?
But the Creator certified His creation
as good, was that a lie?
No! He made all things good

Man is inherently entwined with
his Creator
Separation brings emptiness
A body! A Soul! A Spirit!
The tripartite nature of man
God is a Spirit!
The spirit of man yearns for
communion with God
Nothing in this clime would bring
satisfaction, only His abiding presence

People wonder how Christians are
able to retain cheerfulness amidst
problems, peace amidst chaos
Waking up with joy bursting forth
from their hearts each morning!
A deep conviction of better things
to come
Peace unattached to something
Their satisfaction is from being
“one” with God
He fills up that vacuum with His

Come home to the Father today!

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