Born for Me

December 23, 2020


Betrothed to my beloved
Ecstasy washes over me like a
fine wine
As I fantasize over the coming days
Oh, the nectar of daisy flowers
courses through my vein
My blood emits the scents attracting
a flutter of butterflies
Open my belly is, as my hips stand
Many children will pass through them.

What a sight my eyes just mapped out
A shining and a strong man in a white
With light reflections all around him
Surely, not an earthling
Oh he speaks with such an authority
A bearer of good news, yet a puzzling one
A child to be born without a man’s seed
The strangeness of the news how comforting
Oh yes I believe.

As the child tugs within me
My mind remembers what the bearer of
the news said months ago
Your belly is not carrying just any child
It’s a special child
Off to my cousin’s place I go
To enjoy companionship
Oh motherhood is calling!

A King has been born
To fulfill the wish of the Elder
The crimson red stain shall be made
white like snow by his blood
The dark convoluted path shall be
lighted and made straight
The dead now live by him.


We celebrate the Master on this day
Marked historically as his birthday
Without that day, the resurrection
wouldn’t have happened on the
third day — the day we were restored
to the Elder
And we wouldn’t be here
Thank you Jesus.

He said:
If you are thirsty drink of me, if you
are hungry eat of me.
You only need to do it once, as you
won’t feel the thirst nor the hunger
Come to me.


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