Pneuma Hunted

August 3, 2021


Brother Gbenga, May God continue to bless you
Can I tell you something that happened overnight?
I got a phone call from a big company in Germany,
a multinational company that makes communications
They said they got my phone number from a man
in Frankfurt, a headhunter that consults for them
They asked me to send my location
(They tried reaching
me at my previous address but i had traveled to France
to see a friend)
I told them i was in France and gave them the address
This morning, they came to the house to pick me
and they took me to their office here
I had a chat with two ladies and i was employed as
a software test engineer
Just like that
Included in my contract is a lot of strange but
wonderful benefits
I start on Monday, I even got an executive office
with a view
The funny thing is, i have been in Germany for two
years looking for a job
I never met a headhunter even though i applied
to a lot of companies
I had always wanted to live in France, it has happened!
I remember all the blessings that were poured on
us at Last Night’s Berachah service
I didn’t know it can be this soon
Thank you, Jesus

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