Playing with Fire

February 18, 2021


An apostle was addressing his own
If not for technology, you wouldn’t
be privy to his discussion with his
He was sharing with them within
the context of their understanding
of his message, nature, and
personality how he thrived in the
middle of a season of casting
He mentioned what he achieved
and even though it might sound
like a boast, he was not boasting
to you
He was boasting to his church
members and as such, you cannot
call it a boast
A father does not need to boast
to his children and a shepherd
surely does not need to boast to
his sheep
Newspapers needed a scandal
and felt the message of the apostle
was the right fit in their quest to
get eyeballs
You read it and you began to insult
the apostle
You, the son of a dog from Abatan
refuse dump decided to drag an
apostle on Twitter
Do you understand what it
means to be an apostle?
The angels working with an apostle
are innumerable, they do not only
work at his command, but they also
work at his behest!
They are entrusted with the duty of
ensuring that the Lordship of his
office is respected by both spiritual
and mundane entities
In the days of Jesus, many of the
Pharisees and religious leaders
treated his words and actions the
same way many of the gutter bred
stone casters with 100 Naira data
and stolen or London used phone
treated the words of the apostle
Jesus warned them at the time that
they were walking on live mines
They didn’t listen and he called
them a stiff-necked and perverted
He told them they would cross the
line eventually and abuse the
Holy Spirit and that the sin against
the Holy Spirit has no forgiveness
but they were having too much
fun to pay attention
Eventually, Jesus healed a man
and they said He was using the
power of Beelzebub ( A demon)
They attributed the dynamic work
of the Holy Spirit to a demon!
These uncultured youths also did
the same this morning
The same apostle talked about a
miracle that happened in
which a young minister was moved
by the power of the Holy Spirit
from Germany to France
And the bloodthirsty mob began
to mock it
They went from mocking the apostle
to mocking the work of the Holy Spirit
They couldn’t tell the difference
It was fun
They have caught a liar and
they must call him out
But if it is the lyrics of a lurid music
or a video of banal and the ungodly
they would watch silently and
There is something called discerning
the body of Christ
When people don’t discern the body
and treat it as they ought, they get
into trouble
The Corinthian church got into a
deep mess because of this
Apostle Paul wrote to them and
opened their eyes to the
consequences of their inability to
discern the body of Jesus Christ
Members of a church have a right to
question their shepherd
People write petitions to the church
council reporting the misdeeds of
their General Overseers all the time
Some churches are empowered to
sack their shepherds at will
Apostle Paul in the book of Galatians
called out Apostle Peter (his senior
and superior) for hypocrisy
It was done within the church and it
was fair
This apostle has a church
His church has members
His members have a duty to him as
much as he has a duty to them
Under no circumstances should a
believer dishonour a man that God
had in his own wisdom has
deemed fit to honour
Remember Hamman?
He was ignorant of the fact that
Esther was a jew and he plotted
against her people
Ignorance didn’t spare him from
the gallows
If you insult a man
like Professor Osibajo, it is fair
He stepped into politics and became
public property but this apostle is
not public property in any way and
should not be touched by the wise
and the discerning
King Solomon said we shouldn’t
insult a King even in our own rooms
because the walls will hear it and
report to him
Shimei, son of Gera (2 Samuel 16:5-13)
had every reason to insult King David.
He was from the clan of Saul and felt
David was a usurper.
David also did things that were
unbecoming of a king for which God
was punishing him.
Shimei rubbed salt on
David’s injury
He lost his head for it a few years later
I am aware that a lot of angst is out
there against institutions and individuals
upholding them
Some of us just like the taste of blood
We enjoy reading the insults and felt it
was a form of justice to call out anybody
we find in our line of shot
Someone once asked “Who is Idahosa?”
and that question cost him the
presidency of the country he was
reigning over
There are certain men who are best left
on their lane as you pursue your own
If tomorrow, you get a message from
him or his church soliciting for funds,
you can refuse to support them as a
form of protest but as long as he has
not asked you for a dime (Especially
since rumor has it that he has a
machine at home that prints money),
it is best to leave him alone
I have seen people who were in a deep
mess spiritually run to church for help
and the Holy Spirit will restrain the
pastor from ministering to them
I have SEEN
Not only heard of such cases second
I have seen the Holy Spirit practically
show no interest in some life and
death cases because the person
involved had gone too far
Didn’t the Bible say we will give an
account of all our idle words?
When the scornful are having fun at
the expense of the godly, please
don’t join them
Dont be a partaker of the foolishness
of others
By so doing you will spare yourself
the consequences too

PS: If you wish throw stones at me
for this
I am a brother
I am not an apostle so I am fair game
I will take your stones with love
and I will bless you
We are on these streets together and
I will see you prosper in my lifetime
I believe in God for your glorious future
God bless you

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