Pilot Fish 2

January 17, 2022


Pilot fishes are always swimming
around a shark, feeding off the
crumbs of the shark’s meal
Some pilot fishes eat so much that
they grow large enough in size for
the shark to notice them, once this
happens, that pilot feet becomes
the next meal of the shark
That is nature for you
In ministry, there are many people
who will be drawn to you as
Some of them are attracted to your
Some are drawn to your result
Some are drawn to the money they
can get off you
You would invite some yourself, at
the beginning when you’re still
trying to get on your feet
Some of these people will be pilot
fishes, they may wear suits and ties
and carry the Bible in their hands or
on their head
They are not really looking unto Jesus
You are their focus
No matter how much they pray or
preach, you are the one they try to
impress and they expect you to notice
and repay their loyalty in cash and kind
You will notice that when they are
preaching they are calling your name
in sixes and in sevens
“Brother G said that…
“Apostle Q said…”
or “Pastor Chris said that…
Or Daddy G. O said…
They have not developed a
personal relationship with the
Holy Spirit
They have not really met the Lord
as they ought to
You must not encourage your
people to grow up this way
Raise Sharks, not pilot fishes
Encourage them to grow in fellowship
until they know the Lord and are led
by the Holy Spirit
Pay attention to their growth, evolution,
testimony and language
The language of a baby Christian is
always different from the language of
the matured ones
Don’t mistake loyalty and ass-kissing
for maturity
That a guy or lady is always kneeling
and bowing to you does not mean
he is ready to be trusted with a position
of authority
Learn from the mistakes of those who
have gone ahead of you
I made a man a leader too soon some
years ago, his reality nose-dived from
that point
He began to manufacture miracles just
to impress me and his standing with me
We had a serious case
He came to me and the team and
announced that he had handled it and
the blind man whom he prayed with
had regained his sight
Then he maliciously blocked this man
and his mother from having access to
me so that nobody will discover this lie
Some months later I met
The mother of this blind man and she
had quite a lot to say
I was disappointed
By this time, everybody in the group
he was leading had one thing or the
other to say about him and his
testimonies were always manufactured
and conjured
It was obvious he was just posting
and had convinced himself that was
the way to go
So I removed him from the group he
was leading and he suddenly came up
with the “God has called me to start
my own ministry line”
What option then did I have?
He left and I moved on but he couldn’t
move on
Till today, he goes about
telling anyone with two ears how i was
intimidated by his testimonies and
How I threw him out of the ministry out
of jealousy or whatever
He has been at it for many months, the
ministry was dead on arrival
His ego won’t let him come back and
learn and he hangs around one
the ministries i laboured to start for
He is a pilot fish, he can only find
relevance in the accomplishments
of a shark
Even where he is, all he still does
was cause trouble
I get reports every other week from
their ministers and members of so
many unchristlike conducts #
and erratic behaviour
If you call him to a meeting, he will
immediately start the “I am loyal sir”,
“I love you sir”, “I will do the right thing sir”
but once you turn your back he goes
“Who is he? What has he done?
I am full of the Holy Spirit too” etc
Like I said “A pilot fish”
David’s mighty men were pilot fishes
who through training and maturity
grew into sharks
Absalom was a pilot fish that gobbled
too much off David (The shark) and
suddenly convinced itself it has become
a shark
He never was one
Adonijah was a pilot fish
These guys would be nobodies
if David didn’t rise
He was the shark and they
acknowledged it
If you are presently in ministry or
political office or career in any
capacity but you know you wouldn’t
have been where you are if not because
God raised somebody through whom
you gained relevance, don’t start acting
as if you rose by yourself
That’s the undoing of most pilot fishes
and that is why some of them end up
unable to attain the level of greatness
preordained for them
If you notice a spirit of error in you,
eschew it
If in your conversation with the brethren
all you do is gossip
backbite, label and spew words from a
bitter source, watch it!
Every man’s work will be tested by the
fire of the gospel, remember this.
Every motive will be judged
Every action will pass through divine
It is better to walk away from a self
call than claim it is of God
If it is of God, the fruits must show it.
We were ministering in Kwara once and
the power of the Holy Spirit was
present to heal the sick
We got to one man, he was on a
wheelchair but he shook his head and
refused to be prayed for
Everybody was shocked
He blatantly said he does
not want to be healed
I have come across several cases like
that, people who believe they deserved
the sickness God gave to them and
therefore didn’t want to be healed
People who said the sickness was a gift
from God to them put their bodies under
People holding on to ideologies
and doctrines or belief systems that are
quite funny
A man had whitlow, he refused to use
any medication until his thumb started
to rot
His children couldn’t bear the smell and
his pain again, they rushed him to the
hospital and the thumb had to be
This man saw what had
been done to save his life and he began
to curse his children one by one by
desecrating his faith
It was so bad that he refused all further
treatments, refused food and drink, and
also refused to see any of his children
The son, a medical doctor came to me
with the issue and I went to see this man
The man was willing to pray and receive
divine healing so he gave me an audience
We had a chat and somehow I was to get
him to see the balm of Gilead, not only
as the name we gave God (God didn’t
call himself that name) but also as a
He said the use of medicine was against
his church doctrine and belief
I didn’t bother arguing with him
I said, “Is unforgiveness, bitterness, and
anger also part of your church doctrine?”
He shook his head
So I said “They were wrong and they
have acknowledged that.
Being a good Christian means
you forgive them and allow them to
make things right
He nodded
We began to pray and he cried a lot
What his children did really hurt him
but the word of God is like a surgical
blade and it is the only power that
can divide the soul and the spirit
When we were done praying, he
invited his family into the room and
blessed them
He also allowed them to complete the
treatment and responded very well to
their care
When he was discharged from the
hospital, his other son in New Jersey
arranged for him to visit and recover
in the USA
This man loves and blesses
me like a son
Living in America made him see many
things that arguments would have
been futile against
He now attends another church and
enjoys the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
That is a man we all should emulate,
a man who learned the truth and
responded to it positively

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