Paul, The Apostle

April 29, 2022


If you ever hear an Apostle
Or Bishop or Pastor or Evangelist
or teacher says the great Apostle
Paul is unreliable as a minister
and witness of the gospel, please
leave the Apostle’s church, programme,
or channel. Don’t wait to hear more,
not even for the sake of
a debate, it is very unprofitable
to argue with pigs. They tend
to drag their listeners and
viewers into the miry clay.
Heresy starts by sowing seeds of
doubts in the heart in order to
confuse the listener and then reset
the fault lines in another direction
Like an elbow capture!
Remember this!

The Revelations of Apostle Paul have
proven beyond any doubt to be
a masterstroke for the revelation of
the manifold wisdom of God so that
salvation can come to all men
including the unfortunate and misguided
Apostles and bishops who suddenly felt
they are woke enough to dismiss
the call of God and the manifestation
of the power of God in the
Life of Apostle Paul and his ministry.

Let me emphasize that this is
nothing new. The Pauline epistles have
been a problem for the Jews
from the outset because it totally
broke Christianity away from Judaism
and made It an independent “religion”
as opposed to a sect of Judaism
they had all assumed Christianity to
be in the beginning. Left to
the disciples, the church would still
be meeting in synagogues and catering
to Jews as they started out
in the book of Acts. If you
study the book of Acts properly
you will notice that this arrangement
worked until Stephen was killed by
the Jews. Immediately after the stoning
of Jews, we see the door of
the gospel was opened to unbelievers
(gentiles) who are not of Jewish ancestry.

Philip was led to the Ethiopian
Eunuch in Acts 8. He was also
led to Azotus in the same chapter,
Apostle Paul had his encounter with
Jesus in Acts 9 and the angel
appeared to Cornelius in Acts 10!
Can you see the pattern?
Jesus told Apostle Paul his purpose
and his conversion was done with
the intention of using him to bring
the gentiles to the knowledge of
the gospel.
Peter was heavily conflicted in
this assignment as seen later by his
disposition to the gentiles which
Apostle Paul
rebuked in the book of Galatians.
When Peter got to the house
of Cornelius, he stayed outside
despite the vision he saw which
encouraged him to
reach out to the gentiles and
it was until he saw Cornelius and
his folks praying in tongues did
he say “Since they have received
the Spirit as we did, why should
they not be baptized”
He still faced a panel for his
action in Acts 11.

Apostle Paul did not waver
not for once. He took the
gospel all over Europe and was
instrumental in ensuring the spread
of the gospel to the unreached and
In Acts 15, at the council meeting in
Jerusalem, he was the
one that took the matters of
gentile conversion before the council
and it was there that it was
decided that gentiles should not be
burdened with the law of Moses.
This made the Jews mad!
He didn’t stop there, he raised
Timothy, a half-Jew who had a gentile
father, circumcised him just so that
he can be accepted and discipled
him to be a Bishop
He raised Titus, Who also became a
Bishop, he raised Onesimus, a slave
who also later became a Bishop,
Epraphas, who also later became a
Bishop, Silas his conversion worker
and so many other pillars of the faith.
The Jews hated Paul’s guts and they
made sure he was persecuted heavily
for his commitment to his calling.

Do you remember what their accusation
against him was? They said he
polluted their temple (he was not
the one that brought the strangers
they saw that day at the temple)
but they had to make up an
accusation to stop him at all cost.
For the price that man paid
to ensure that believers all over
the world hears the good news,
nobody who is not a jew should ever
doubt his commitment to the Lord
or the veracity of his walk with
the Lord. A man who spoke in
tongues more than “ye all” and
walked in all the fruits and gifts
of the Spirit without collecting
honorariums from the churches he
founded and pastored?
A man who was stoned
to death and resurrected?
A man who suffered shipwreck,
flogging, imprisonment, snake bite,
and several arrests for the gospel
dedication and authenticity is
being questioned by
People without antecedents who carry
titles that are not by the Spirit
and are spewing jargon!

There is probably no other apostle
that did as much for the gentiles
as much as Apostle Paul did
I rest my case.

PS: An unbeliever of another religion
once took it upon himself to teach
about the Pauline epistles and
discredit the great Apostle Paul
in Oworonshoki, Lagos State, he
made posters and
all and started conducting this
heretic teaching every Tuesday.
I heard about it and attended
One of the meetings. I made
sure I took Apostle Paul along
the second time I went and I told
him I am unhappy with the way
the man was talking about him.
I was 28 years old at this time
and had lived barely a few months
in Lagos. The day after that
second meeting this cleric died!
You can
go to Oworo and make your inquiries.
Jesus is my Lord and savior,
I am an ambassador of Christ and
I enforce his will on the earth
If the devil is whispering in
your ears, please caution him.
Apostle Paul is living and very
much with us. You discredit him
to your own peril
• • •

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