August 15, 2021


Oh Brother Gbenga,

Something just happened right now

I got to my office, picked up the usual monthly bill for energy consumption. We are owing rent for this year and haven’t paid the energy bill for about 3months.

I went about doing others things and didn’t bother looking at the bill until now.

To my shock, I flipped at the bill casually and saw that we paid 500k. I was shocked as I didn’t make that payment. I called my associate (we share the office space but he has relocated to the UK and my intention was not to even bother him with rent again as he wasn’t really using it). He told me he didn’t pay anything and he was even looking for 1million for a project.

I have been reading about these testimonies in GSWMI and always looked forward to one personally.

I am shocked and most grateful to God. Another funny thing is that whilst I am bursting in happiness inside, I am feeling like a child who knows that his father can and has given him everything. It’s look normal and yet looks supernatural. (Don’t know if it makes sense).

Another thing is that this payment seem to have been done on or before 14th July 2021 (I wasn’t in the office until today to receive the bill).

I remember telling the Holy Spirit that I would love to back my ministration with a testimony. I ministered on the 24th of July but without one, not knowing that had I been to the office before that day, I would have added this to my message.


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