Overturning Folly

April 4, 2022


Nothing humbles a man like knowing
he had fallen for his own
passion and by so doing endangered
himself in a way that unconditionally
defines him as unfit to live
freely as he once did due
to the consequences of his own
actions, the same applies to a woman.
Take for example having Unprotected
sex and by so doing contracting HIV!

It refocuses the mind of
such a fellow and limits his
or her ability to behave as
he once felt he or she could
without being checked!
He or she has to pick who
to associate with and has his
or her options limited drastically
when it comes to who to
associate with or make sexual
overtures towards. If he or she has
a good conscience, sex becomes
a very intense and lengthy discussion
that can lead to a no or
a subtle “I can’t deal with this”.
It is a hard life and
a very lonely road to tread.
That was her story.

A story of vengeance that led
to perdition and so much pain.
Her boyfriend cheated and she
decided to cheat back.
She was a marketer, a lady
many men wanted to sleep with
because of her beauty but
who had learned how to handle
herself with wisdom until she caught
her boyfriend whom She had dated
for nine years cheating.
The discovery left her reeling
and the only way she decided
to react was by cheating with
one of her clients who had
been on her case from day one.
The problem was nature!
Nature didn’t see her as a victim,
the man she decided to cheat
with didn’t tell her the whole
truth. They met at his office,
he spoke kindly to her and
for the first time, she gave
him some attention. He saw that
she was vacillating and pressed
eagerly on his advantage.
He closed the
door and began to touch her
in some delicate places. All she
saw at the time was how
her guy was touching the other
woman. She really wanted to pay
him back in kind. It was
a foolish decision, and quite costly
but she didn’t know at the time.
From touch and response, everything
escalated quickly. After the sex,
he told her to check herself
because he was HIV positive.
It was like a blow to the
head for her.“She told herself
she wouldn’t catch it and he
said it so that she can pledge
herself to him as his woman.

After three months she had
a test and it was positive!
It was worse than a death
verdict at first. She hated him
She hated herself and she hated
her boyfriend. She called off the
relationship. She felt it was the
right thing to do although she
was tempted to just pass on
the curse to him because he
was invariably part of the reason
she was afflicted but because of
good conscience she couldn’t do it.
So she walked away and decided
to pledge her life to Jesus.
She was resolved that Jesus
can heal her and give her
a fresh start. She was convinced
that somewhere, somehow there
was a remedy in the blood of
Jesus for her. She prayed for
years and did everything she
believed could get her healed.
Then she met the brother in
Jeans and T-shirt, and everything
He told her she had been forgiven
and the disease is a mirage,
If she would see herself
in the reality of the gospel.
It was a crazy ride for her
Having believed for many years
without hope someone finally told
her the impossible was nothing.
She took his word for it
and began to worship the Lord
In the light of the new reality
she had received in Christ.
Then he taught about the
Mareh and how the metaphysical
changes the reality of a Christian
in a strange way. One day
she prayed until she got
into the Mareh, a curtain was
parted and she walked right into it.

She saw many things which
were strange but exciting, then
she saw the chalice, a cup
filled with the blood of the lamb
and she drank it instinctively.
She woke up sweating and vomiting
for many days. After a week,
she went for her test and
she was Negative!
For the first time in nine years!

She called the brother in Jeans
and T-shirt and told him her
He screamed!
She wasn’t sure whether he was
shocked or grateful but the verdict
of foolishness had been Overturned!
She was completely made whole.
Glory be to God

PS: Sister Ada got married on the
2nd of April 2022 to a brother in
her church somewhere in Lagos!
Glory be to God

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