March 2, 2021


Sometimes we get to read outrageous
Sometimes we get to experience
outrageous things as believers
When we hear outrageous testimonies,
we wonder if they were true
When we experience outrageous
miracles, we wonder if we would be
believed or if we should only share
with a few friends within our circle
of faith and shut the world out of it
We don’t want some spawns of Belial
to throw stones at us over that
which was from the beginning, which
we have heard, which we have seen
with our eyes, which we have looked
at and our hands have touched and that
which the Holy Spirit has done through
us concerning the outworkings of the
Holy Spirit and the word of life!
And yet, we know that when you keep
quiet about a manifestation of the spirit,
you debar other believers from walking
in its reality for faith comes by hearing!
So many lives are dormant in the
outworking of signs and miracles
because they weren’t exposed to the
reality of the manifestations of the
Holy Spirit in their daily lives to the
point where their lives begin to
manifest what they have heard.
This is what it means to teach the
Rhema, the living and the pulsating
life of God in the reality of the assembly
of the saints in light
We demonstrate the reality of God and
we proclaim it so that those who ought
to run with it shall pick it and run.
So after their monthly Holy Ghost
instructed service on a Friday, he set
out with to of his brothers in Christ and
a Sister to minister at a vigil in the
middle of the night.
Their ministration was supernatural
The Holy Spirit moved mightily
They got back to their place of rest
around 3:30am
He slept
He was awakened at 7:02 by a Pastor
who was supposed to minister on one
of the minister’s training programme
via zoom
The minister wanted to know if he was
allowed to start the meeting without a
formal introduction because when
he logged on to the zoom platform,
he realized his host has not logged in
He apologized and logged in
he told his host he was just getting to
sleep after all the activities of the
previous hours
He introduced the speaker and they
had a great time of fellowship.
Immediately after the teaching,
He rested a little until he was informed
that the people he ministered with
were ready to depart to their stations
He saw them off
Immediately he got back into his room,
the atmosphere around him changed
It started with the air
It was as if he wasn’t getting enough
of it
Like the entire room was charged
electrically and heating up in a strange way
It felt as if he
walked into the middle of a burning furnace
His body began to burn all over from within
He started praying
He could sense something was wrong
but he couldn’t place his hand on it
When it was 12:32pm and his body
was still feeling very uncomfortable,
he decided i needed to take a
He left the house in such a hurry that
he didn’t take his phone or wallet
It wasn’t the first time he would feel
he was being stirred in a particular
direction by the Holy Spirit
He had trained himself not to plot
human graphs and engage human
reasoning at such times because
It simply doesn’t do him any good
His mind would just distract and
delay and confuse the whole process
He had grown to know the signs
Once when he was 27, he was
traveling to Lagos from Ibadan
He didn’t have a dime on him
The Holy Spirit told him to dress up
and head for the road
when he got to the expressway, he
sat beside a woman who sold
kola nut and other odd stuff and
waited for further instructions
After two hours of waiting, a
private car parked
The driver alighted to buy some
bitter kola nuts and some
cigarette from the woman
The driver sat beside
him and began to smoke
They didnt exchange a word, not
even a word of greeting
a few minutes later, a woman with a
baby fastened behind her walked by
Her baby was holding a small purse
The baby dropped the purse
He and the driver saw this and
simultaneously called the attention
of the woman to the purse dropped
by the lady
The lady looked at them, looked at
the purse and said “It wasn’t mine
and walked off in a hurry”
They tried to call her again but she
increased her pace
Perhaps she thought they were
kidnappers aiming to bait her with
a purse they planted by the road
(Such events were all over the news
at that time)
They were both convinced they saw
the baby drop the purse
They walked up to the purse and
picked it up
They found inside the purse, 3000 Naira
The driving license of the man and his
own University Identity card
He was in 300 level at the time and
he was sure his identity card was
hanging on his neck
He had been trained to wear it at all
It was a matter of law at his school
and yet there it was
The man was also sure he had his
driver’s license in the car but when
he went to check
It wasn’t there
Both of them were shocked by what
they saw
A[art from this they had nothing else
in common
He was a born again Christian and
the man was a driver with a logistics
company who had been tasked with
the duty of delivering some packages
to Lagos
They both took their properties
The man said he wanted nothing to
do with the money
He told the man he was going to Lagos
and had been waiting for transport
money to get him there
So he needed the money
The man offered him a drive to Lagos
They got on the way discussing
what they had both experienced
The discussion was all about angels,
supernatural experiences, the realness
of the power of God and the manifestation
of the power of the Holy Spirit
By the time they got to Lagos, the
driver had given his life to Christ
The driver insisted his wife had to
meet the Lord too (They had both
been having issues and on the verge
of divorce)
The driver drove him to his house at
He met the driver’s wife and ministered
to her too
The driver and his wife both received
the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the
driver burning the demonic charms he
had at home and in his car
There had been several incidents of
that nature with him even as he grew
in his walk with the Lord
The difference between those
incidents and the one he was
experiencing was the discomfort he
was feeling all over
It was as if his body was burning from
within and his skin would melt off
He felt quite weak and his legs were
like jellies but his eyes were quite
open and attentive
He wasn’t feeling drowsy or
weak in his mind
He just felt he needed to hurry up
and get out of the house
It was the only thing in his head
Get out
So he drove on and on until he got
to a Health centre
His spirit honed in on the building
By the time he drove into the compound,
he felt so weak
He could barely walk
The nurses that saw him alighting
from the car took him straight to the
emergency ward
He kept telling the nurses that he
wasn’t sick but he could barely stand
on his two feet because his legs felt
like jellies
He got the emergency and they laid
him on a stretcher
They didn’t diagnose him with any illness
They took a sample of his blood and
insisted on taking his urine
He gave them what they needed so
that they will allow him to stay where
he felt the Holy Spirit had led him to stay
Something was surely going to happen
in that health centre
They checked his vitals and discovered
that was in perfect health
The doctor said, “It wouldn’t hurt for
you to rest here for a while!”
He told her he was not planning to go
The heat all over his body and the
attending discomfort had gone and
he knew the
Holy Spirit wanted me to be there
The doctor gave him a phone to call
his wife
He called her and told her where he was
He slept off
His wife arrived and he told her he
believed he was at the health center
on assignment
She nodded
She gave him his phone
The battery was red
A few
minutes later, the phone died
He asked his wife to return home and
bring him his laptop and the phone charger
When she brought them he charged
his phone and started listening to music
on his laptop
Then they brought this boy and his
The boy had been sick at home and the
mother rushed him down
to the hospital
By the time they arrived he was dead
He was in the room,
The time was 12:30am
That fire he was feeling all over his
body hours before suddenly came
all over him again
He started screaming
He woke everybody in
the hospital ward
The doctors rushed in thinking
something had gone wrong with him
He ran out of the room to the dead
boy and laid hands on the boy’s chest
All the fire left him and rushed into
the boy
The boy screamed
Everybody shouted
The boy’s mother came to hug him,
she also started shouting
He, the boy, and the boy’s mother
started screaming intermittently
The entire hospital corridor where it
all happened was on fire
The doctor and nurses were praying
in tongues too
It was wow!
They all calmed down like 3AM
When he woke up, there was drip on
my hand
He was on the bed in the hospital ward
it was 4:00AM
The doctor said he was dehydrated
When last did you eat? She asked
He told her Friday morning
She said “Pastor, I cannot fault you for
not eating but you
need to be asking God for allowance
to take something
for your physical sustenance”
He told the doctor it was the weight
of the glory upon him that weakened
The power of resurrection was working
in his bones in a strange way
He told the doctor he was not one of
those who kill
themselves with hunger in the name of
He went to see the boy
The boy was on oxygen
They said the boy’s heart was palpitating
He touched the boy again
The boy screamed
He told them to remove the oxygen
The boy’s heart rate was normal
He said he wanted to go home
The doctor said no
You are now a patient under admission
You cannot go until you finish the drip
and ate
other sick people in the hospital who
witnessed and heard what happened
started getting out of their sickbeds
Eight of them were discharged that
morning while others recuperated
His wife brought me a sumptuous meal
by 11AM
After eating, the doctor and nurses took
him to their offices and he prayed with
I got home at 12:32 pm
Exactly the time i left home the
previous day
This event happened in February 2021

PS: GSW and the Pssbc Ministers
will be coming to Benin this weekend
We invite you to a fellowship of His
Kind in the Spirit
The Gathering
March 6, 2021
Omoreggy’s Event Center
Opposite Hifly Filling Station, Iriri
along Estate Gate road, Benin City
Time: 10AM

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