One with Him

February 23, 2021


I wanted to pee
I went into an eatery
Eatery said their restroom was bad
The next best thing to do is look
for a bush
I wanted to but a car sped by and
somebody called my name
I realized I cannot do it
I am known by people I don’t
I saw a car dealership
I walked in
I saw a
I asked them if it has a toilet
They said yes and two rooms
I asked how much
They said it
I told them to send me their account
They did
I paid and collected the keys
I went into the caravan and peed
I called my driver to drive it home
I drove myself home
As i drove home I asked myself
why I bought the caravan
Was it just to pee?
Was that a wise way of spending
Was I becoming wasteful?
Where would I park it?
When I got home I found three
missionaries waiting for me
The Holy Spirit told them I have
a caravan for them
They saw me driving a caravan
and they started running
helter-skelter and shouting like
crazy people
I had no idea why they were doing
all the drama
I alighted from the caravan and
they told me they had come because
they were told by the Holy Spirit the
previous day to come and see me
because I have a caravan to give
They had assumed God was directing
them to me to come and beg or solicit
for some funds to buy a caravan for
their missionary project
When they saw the caravan, they
almost went mad
How come God was so precise?
I told them God didn’t say a word to me
I needed to wee and I
bought a caravan because it has a toilet
It was probably the worst decision
any individual ever made in the history
of buying and selling
I couldn’t believe the impulse and the
outright waste of resources
They shook their head in awe
I handed them the key to the caravan
It’s been two years and eleven days
since it happened
I get calls and reports from the
missionaries about the progress of
their work and the wonders God is
doing in their lives and ministries
It is good to hear God’s voice, it is
also very good to be easily moved
by the Holy Spirit to act

PS: One of my teachers, a man of God
I respect so much told me this story
in 2014
He came to minister at a church I was
working with at the time and engaged
me in a conversation
He was a Nigerian who had spent over
30 years in Florida
From the day I heard that story, I found
myself easily moved by the Holy Spirit
I am not only led by voice or sight
I am also moved by the Holy Spirit to
establish his will and purpose upon
the face of the earth
I am full of the Holy Spirit and fully
yielded to him in words, in thought,
and in all my actions


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