Of Dummies and Zombies

March 20, 2021


The mob can always be sold a dummy
They will buy it and defend it with joy
Even when they come to realize they
have been sold a dummy
They will stick to their position and
insist it was not what it was or blatantly
say “So what? At least it is our dummy
and we are not complaining
Jesus called it the hour of darkness
That moment when sense, logic, reason,
and reality is suspended for an agenda
to prevail
When people are determined to place a
lie on the throne and hang the truth on
a scaffold there was nothing they
wouldn’t do to make it happen
Even fools must have their way if we are
all going to live in this world together
If only the wise got to make decisions,
the fools will feel left out
If the fools felt left out they can incite
a riot or throw a spanner into the works
for the fun of it
Just so that they can have
their way
Always remember this
They were invited into an intervarsity
The debate was to hold between 16
Each University was to present three
main speakers
The other members of the team were
the supporting cast
They were not required to play any role
outside of
helping the team to prepare for the
The school already had three main
The Vice-chancellor decided to add one
of his nephews, a fresh student to
the team
Just so that he could have a taste of
how things were done and get some
experience for the future debates
boy informed his mother of the great
feat he had achieved in 100 level
The mother asked him if he would be
The boy said NO
The mother got angry
“It is a platform, a stage for you to
shine, you must seize the opportunity,
fight to be heard, you must speak on
that stage!”
The boy was not even qualified to be on
the team
It was favoritism that landed him a place
How was he to displace the more erudite
and established speakers
He was ranked 10th in the team and
there were ten debaters in all
If he managed to bump one debater,
there was a natural
replacement on the team already
The boy’s mother hounded him day
and night
“I have told your father you will be on
National TV, all your siblings are dying
to see you up there. You cannot settle
for clapping and cheering others, this
is an opportunity you have to grab with
both hands”
The boy didn’t know how to go about
getting on the stage
He had tried approaching the lecturer
that prepared the team but he knew
he would be thrown off the team for
trying to upset the chemistry of the
team with his inordinate ambition
The pressure from his mother was hot
He wasn’t even able to prepare for the
debate as he ought to to
Every time he thought about it, he saw
the disappointment on the face of his mother and he wilted
His mother would never accept any excuse
from him and he was too scared of her to try to reason with her
He needed to

do everything within his power for that
five minutes spot
After several days of ruminating, he came
up with an idea
Four hours to the debate, while the debate
team was finalizing their strategies and all,
he poisoned the breakfast of the entire team
Not with something deadly,
a laxative that made everyone’s tummy
It was the only way he knew he could
get a spot
By the time the debate was to start, he was
the only debater healthy enough to make
an appearance
The coach had no option but to give him
the stage
Finally, he was going to get his time
under the sun
The debate stage opened
The opponents had a go
He was finally given the stage and he froze
He just couldn’t get the words out
He just went blank
Even with the help of the prompter, he
failed to deliver
Of course, the school came last in the debate
It was a disaster
He failed his mother woefully
It would have been better if he cheered the
others on than to be remembered as the
debater who froze on the national stage
He had brought shame and disgrace on
himself and his family
The debate coach decided to investigate
the sudden sickness that
befell his team
He discovered it was a deliberate work
of sabotage from the boy
He took the case to the vice-chancellor
The vice-chancellor invited the boy’s parents
Money exchanged hands
The evidence got lost in transit
The vice-chancellor convinced him to
drop it and blame the
failure on the food they ate and all
That was how the whole matter was
It didn’t matter that other students
prepared very hard for the debate and
were denied their opportunity under
the sun
It didn’t matter that he jeopardized
the health of fellow students and
the debate team
Nothing he did matter because he had
the Vice-Chancellor and his influential
parents in his corner
In other words, he got away with murder
Funny enough, the public sympathy was
swayed to him
“He was thrust into the limelight too
said some
“He was not adequately prepared for
the task” said others
His mother invested in a lot of propaganda
to sway public sentiment in his favour and
it worked
He didn’t suffer any consequence for his
He was the ideal victim of circumstances.
When I see believers so easily swayed by the
trend of news and events
Believers who actually took whatever is
happening in the world at face value, I
remember the words of Jesus “For there
shall arise false Christs (Acclaimed Saviours,
helpers, solution provider, and false
prophets, and shall show (illusion, perception,
present a view or information or news) great
signs and wonders; so that, if it were
possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
If you will not be deceived, you must insist
on drinking from the one true fountain of
truth and reality, The Holy Spirit.
He is our only NEWS source

PS: Did anyone notice that since President
Harris became the President of the USA,
the number of Zombie Games in the
games world increased?
I am just wondering if we saw that
and if any of us actually paid attention
to the fact that Mr. Biden always refer
to the true President by her title
The eye is the greatest deceiver
Do not trust in your sight
Live by the Spirit
Live as led
That is the only way you will see what
is and not what is being presented as
the reality

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