Of A Stitch and Time

December 15, 2021


When I was an undergrad I had
this roommate who was vying for
the position of the financial secretary
of his department
He approached me to help to write
his manifesto, I did and we practiced
together for many days
I was running for the position of the
president of my department
At the time and I was in 200l, he was
In 300 level
He killed it at the rehearsals and I was
very sure he would win
On the day he was supposed to present
his manifesto, I sneaked into the hall
We were in different departments and I
really had no business there but I wanted
to watch him perform
After some time, he was called
As soon as he began to speak, I realized
something was off
He was slurring his words and could
hardly articulate as rehearsed
I looked at him and realized he was high
on drugs
Of course, he lost out
He couldn’t answer the questions
thrown at him and looked dtotally out of
his depth
When we got back to the room I asked him
what happened and he said he took the
drug to gain confidence!
He said he was never able to face the
crowd and the cannabis helped him to
do that
I started laughing
Someone sold him a lie
Drugs do not make anyone confident,
in fact, it dulls one’s sharpness
If you see anyone who achieves anything
under the influence of drugs, such a
person can do so much better without the
influence of drugs, he or she just didn’t
know this.
At the end of the campaign, this guy
lost out and another guy who didn’t even
say much but was able to respond real
time to the question of the voters got
the slot.
I have never ever been able to do drugs,
I am too intelligent to consider my wits
being dimmed by any substance
Not being in charge of my own faculties
is not an option I ever could consider
I however see many people who are
naturally dull going into it so that they
can live under the illusion of greatness in a
meta verse of lies.
When they come out of their hallucination,
they find the real world more difficult to
cope with by the day.
We all must educate our young ones on
the danger of drugs and the lies sold by
many as its advantage
There is no advantage in drugs
It is an escape for the fool and the
destroyer of a glorious and bright destiny
Let us remember this!

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