March 27, 2022


When I go for crusades anywhere,
witches willingly surrender their lives
to Jesus. Demons flee and salvation erupts.
I have never prayed against
any soul (Be it, witch or witch doctor)
They are nothing before me!

If you see who you are in Christ,
you will pray for your enemies daily.
It is people who are fearful
that pray against their enemies.
I am full of the Holy Spirit,
untouchable at every level
and at all times.

I have been to villages that
scare many and at no time
was anyone powerful enough to
attack me.I give them Zoe,
and they become new creatures.
If you’re still praying against your
enemies, you don’t understand
who you are in Christ
If you’re still being attacked
either in your sleep or consciously,
I assure you it is because
you are not fully in the light.
You can check my timeline,
I have taken this gospel with
my team of young believers all over
Nigeria. We do this monthly and
none of them has ever been attacked.
Sometimes I don’t even bother to
they would have taken over the
whole field and the power of the
Holy Spirit will break out!
Please check for pictures.

Gbenga Samuel Wemimo Ministries International
– GSWMI is a Christian Ministry founded by
Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo. It is a global
network of fellowships with members across
the world and on Social media platforms.


If your pastor is telling you
an enemy is powerful after you
have become a believer, he simply
lacks knowledge, please leave his church.
I have challenged witches on Twitter
before and 23 of them became
believers in my DM.
Apostle Paul said “We know
that idols are nothing”


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