Nothing New Under A Skirt

February 8, 2021


There is nothing new under a skirt!
A game you played since your teen years
Chase this, chase that, chase those
I must have all the flavours
I must conquer all the colours
I must have a variety
I must prove my playboyishness
Guys must to hail me
Crown me the conqueror of skirts!
So this one is black and lovely
You whack am, it’s a play thing
That one is fair and sexy
You slaughter am, it’s a manly thing
Fat and bountiful, thin and shapely
Crass and dirty, fashionable and religious
Soon you become addicted to the
smell of the heat
Like the eagle, you must hunt!
The church girls to you are too dull
The club girls too exposed
Born again girls too religious
They clash and fight and you laugh
They clash and act maturely and you purr
You forget the person inside the skirt
To you ‘the apple’ is all that matters
There is nothing new under a skirt
You’re engaged and yet you hunt
You marry and soon you chase again
You born daughter, you chase
You born son, you chase some more
What did you forget under that skirt?
What is it you are searching for?

Pleasure? Tightness? A tigress?
Yes, a tigress, someone that can hang
your destiny upside down
A lady whose tricks brings a new feeling
A girl who takes you to the edge
Yes, a girl versed in the art of the
You find her, you did it
And then you chase again!
Oh! The travails of an unrepentant
Samson found out what a skirt holds
Solomon also discovered the mystery
of the skirt
Ask some experienced chasers
Why life is so so for them
They will tell you of the valley under
a skirt
A valley that swallows destiny whole
A valley that turns glory to shame
That is what lies under a skirt.

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