New Horizon

January 14, 2024


I visited @BoomRadioNG earlier today. I Had a sit down with Sola Rogers, my brother, and friend of many years.
When he was with Radio Continental, Fanzone, I used to be one of his constant guests on the show
We discussed sports, especially football
I also featured on his Sunday sports show those days

I was unemployed and seriously searching for a job at that stage of my life
The radio show appearances were important to me to keep my sanity and not fall into depression
Years later, when I got a job at Core TV, I invited him to be a guest on the television station several times

I was a producer and I needed big names to sell my show
@solarogers turned up for me big time!
When @BoomRadioNG1 took off five years ago, I was happy to feature on their GSW hour every Sunday and also produced the GSW stories for them which they still run to date

It has been three years since I last saw my brother
In that time Boom Radio NG has become bigger and better than I could ever imagine
My brother has cheated death and injury (he had an accident this time last year and it was a very serious affair)
He had also buried his father
(He died at the ripe old age of 82)

As we met and compared notes today, I realized how fortunate we both have been
We were only counting blessings!
Imagine that!
Four years straight of being stupendously blessed by Jehovah

Wisdom has also increased on every side for the two of us

He said success didn’t change me
I said success made him humbler
We both laughed and had a lot of fun

GSW stories will be featured on @BoomRadioNG at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm every day as usual
We will bring our @GswmiFirebrand’s intercession prayers LIVE on the radio station very soon and I will dash in once a quarter to do a live show for the edification of the saints

I almost cried as I drove away from Sola’s office
It has been a long time since I had a sit down with a friend and we both talked frankly about what had been going on in our lives without fear of being misunderstood, misinterpreted, misrepresented, speculated about, or used as cannon fodder for rumor bearing

I met Miss Dolupo too after a long while
Seeing her face made my day
I am surrounded by glories and she is one of them!

My brother said a lot of things to me, especially as I discussed some latest changes in my reality with him
He said, “I knew there was something great in you but I didn’t know the shape it would take when it emerged or how it would define you. This is the best version of you yet

And you are just beginning”

I echo the same sentiment regarding my brother and his radio station
@BoomRadioNG is a meteor
It is rising daily and of its increase, there shall be no end
I declare that the station will continue to edify and build up destinies in Jesus’ name.



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