My Kibitz on Ravi

April 21, 2021


There was a Christian website I have
been visiting for over ten years
It is the website of the ministry of a
very great Christian apologist
The website was a blessing to me
They had contents that were tailored
to meet my need and the cerebral
nature of their engagement was
second to none
The website was
Ravi Zacharias played a very great
role in modeling Christ and ministry
to me
I couldn’t afford his books, so I read
religiously the articles written by
Jill Carattini, Michael Ramsden,
Nabeel Qureshi (Now late) Os Guinness
and so many excellent minds who
presented the gospel and the reality
of Christ in a way that deep thinkers
could relate with
I watched every video I could find
of the teachings of Ravi Zacharias,
Michael Ramsden. Nabeel Qureshi,
Os Guinness and so many other
beautiful minds ministering
and teaching the life and reality of
Jesus Christ’
When I was going to build my first
website as instructed by the Holy
Spirit in 2018, i asked the graphic
artist to come up with different logos
that I could use for the website
I was not satisfied with everything
he did
One night I called the graphic artist and
asked him to visit
I told him to create a logo using their
model, but instead of the pillar before
the name of the ministry, he should
insert a pen
That was how we resolved the problem
The theme colour of the website and
other attributes were also borrowed from
the website
(Even the video that played as soon as
you get to the landing page of the site
was created to mirror the website.
Ravi Zacharias was a great man of God.
A man whose light and teachings can never
diminish in my heart
I wrote an article several months ago
I quoted Ravi Zacharias by name
A man immediately came into my DM
asking me to pull down the article because
Ravi Zacharias had been implicated in many
scandals and had sort of been blacklisted
I remembered reading certain things
in 2017
I remember praying for him and the ministry
around that time
I was not aware that the allegations had
led to investigations and that the
investigations had produced a horror show
from the footprints of the life and time of
my friend, brother, and teacher
I weep as I write
On April 24, 2020, I clocked 40
I wrote about the impact of the ministry
of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on my walk
with Christ
As Pastor Chris introduced me to the
person of the Holy Spirit, Ravi Zacharias
introduced me to deep engagements
and defense of the gospel in a witty and
compelling manner
He taught me how to evangelize
without “evangelizing” on the surface.
I cannot in all honesty say I can be
here in any capacity without the
exposure I had to his teachings
I never met him and until recently
when I joined the online library via
WhatsApp, I never read any of his
The man I knew and learned under
from afar is not the same man whose
vile conduct I read about on his
I have struggled to reconcile the
two extremes
How can these things be? That was
the question I kept asking
I cried and shut myself in my room
throughout yesterday
When Ravi Zacharias was my age,
he preached in Amsterdam on a
platform set by Billy Graham to
devastating effect
I still remember his sermon at the
Church of Mormon and some of
his most profound moments in
Jakarta, Saudi Arabia, Palestine,
Middle East, India,
Singapore, New Zealand and
I saw the way his lifework ended up
in flames based on the testimony of
his “victims”
He was said to have sexually
harassed, sexted, and even raped
women throughout the course of his
life as a bearer of the light of Christ
It was a hard pill to swallow
In my musings with the Holy Spirit
yesterday, He said to me “Do you
think it is a coincidence that you
were drawn to his works and adopted
his story-telling approach to
ministering the gospel?
Why do you think his ministry resonated
with you this much?
I prepared you
for a time like this
I have kept my seed from decay and
preserved a remnant for myself”
Dear Christian, take a minute to examine
yourself today. Don’t say I am a nobody.
Don’t say I don’t have a name or a legacy
to protect.
Records are being kept daily of our walk
and work in the flesh.
God will not use the record of men to
assess Ravi Zacharias
There is a record that can never be sullied
that speaks for him but the assessment
of men has ruined the legacy Ravi
worked hard to leave behind
He built an institute of apologetics in
New York and constituted a
board to oversee its affairs
I am one of those who plan and pray
to visit and partake of their seminars
one day
All that is now chaff
A puff in the wind
Gone up in smoke
Over and done with
Like the legacy of Samson, like the
legacy of Solomon, a sullied legacy
is a blemish
Do you have weaknesses you think
or assume are part of your nature?
Is it anger, lust, sexual immorality,
perversion of any kind, addiction of
any kind, fear and anxiety, depression
and feeling of unworthiness,
loathsomeness, avarice, greed, lying,
and deceit?
Are you a cheat?
Man of God, are you still chasing skirts,
sleeping with ushers, choir members,
room keepers, young boys, and
Are you fleecing the sheep?
Sir, Mr. MD, are you still romping your
female employees
Mrs GM, are you still controlled by
that search for the perfect “Orgasm”?
Is your hand in the till?
Are you light-fingered?
Are there secrets lurking in the shadows
threatening to swallow you whole?
Are you abusing your domestic staff?
Are there weaknesses you have fought
hard to get rid of but had stubbornly
refused to depart from your reality?
I beg you today
I know the way that works
It is not spartan self-discipline
It is not by engaging in a periodic
deliverance session
It is the reality of the power of the
Holy Spirit at work in you
Training your spirit to gain ascendancy
over your flesh through fellowship
The one
thing that made the life of Ravi
Zacharias incomplete in my opinion
was the way he limited the supernatural.
He neither taught nor walked in it
Yes, he was miraculously healed of a
collapsed back in his late fifties and
he testified about it but the emphasis
on the cerebral was
way too unhealthy in my opinion
It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh
profits nothing
I was a personal assistant to many
pastors for a period of 12years
While some of them could hold their
head high when it comes to right living,
many others missed the mark by
several miles in my opinion
We all know the rate at which accusations
hit the church every season, the
prominent ones get the headlines but
many more that are not so prominent
are caught in the same web
Nobody knows the innermost thoughts
and weaknesses of a man than the
man himself
If you will come to yourself today
and turn
I guarantee that your legacy can still
be healed of its diseases
Your testimony can still be set right
That heavy yoke can still be lifted off
your neck
You can still sleep peacefully without
jerking awake at night perspiring for
fear of the unknown
The rapture has got so many tied up in
knots because they have no assurance
of salvation in Christ
Let’s put an end to these mixed
realities once and for all
Reach out to me in my DM or on
08072744871 Whatsapp
Let us learn Christ and grow in His
knowledge together.

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