Money Lender

February 16, 2022


I went to minister to a man
in Lagos today. He was a
ritualist and had been doing rituals
for many years. He said the
rituals he does is for long life
(not for money). He said he
was born with sickle cell anemia
and was not supposed to live long
but he was the only son
of his father.

So his father went all out
looking for a way to preserve
his life. He said after years
of searching, his father found
something potent.
An incantation that would invoke
a spirit into him to make him live
longer than the thirty-three years
predicted for him through divination.

All he was expected to do
was have sex with a lady,
wipe her with a handkerchief
after they were done (with his semen
dripping out of her) and
then he will do what he was
told to do and he will live
for another month or two.
The lady he slept with will
not run mad or die but she
she would start experiencing adverse
effects ranging from depression to
frequent psychotic episodes.
In some cases, she would never
be able to make any remarkable
progress in life again or at worst
She would be having constant
miscarriages if she was married
and still bearing children.

He is a money lender but for
the ladies he sleeps with the
money is given free and it
is always between twenty and fifty
thousand Naira only.
He lives somewhere close to the
old toll gate, he is 57 years old
and he is married with four children
that looks like him.

During the prophecy hour, we had
on Pneuma Cathedral this morning,
a lady’s case was mentioned.
The lady was his victim in 2020,
during the lockdown and she had
suffered greatly since that day till
today when the Holy Spirit set her free.
She reached out to me after
the service and told me all
about this man. She said she
remembered him quite well and
she gave me his address.
I knew there would be some
trouble in his house this morning
so I told my driver to please
take me to Lagos. We parked
close to his house until I
heard a sudden noise. I stepped
down from the car and walked
to his compound.

He was living in one of those
buildings we call “barracks”.
A house accommodating so many people
and rented out at a very cheap rate.
He wasn’t rich by any means
(In my opinion) .
His wife is in her forties and
their children are aged
16, 15, 13, and 11.

He was having seizures and foaming
in the mouth.
I told his wife to please
allow me to help. She did
and he was able to open
his eyes and speak after a while.
I told him he would have
to confess everything to me
so that I can help him.
So we took him back into
his apartment. He had rented
what is called a wing of the
“face me I face you” apartment building,
one sitting room with old electronics,
and three rooms plus the bathroom,
toilet, and kitchen.

He was a traditionalist,
he didn’t believe in Jesus
and had never been to any
church all his life.
I introduced myself to him
and told him I had parked
on his street for one hour
and ten minutes before he fell
and started having seizures.

I told him we had a service
this morning and as I was
ministering to one of his victims
I had this sudden urge to rush
to his house and minister to him
so that he doesn’t lose his life
and die in his ignorance.
He started speaking.
He said a lot.
In all, he maintained that
he was doing whatever he
had to do to keep living
so that he can raise his children
and live for many more years.
His wife was aware of what
was going on, I was watching
her reaction while he was speaking.
She knew he used other ladies
for ritual through sex. She said
she had the antidote to his charm
and can sleep with him without
suffering from the consequences other
ladies suffered.

I asked him how he got
the money he was lending people.
He said his father left him four houses,
including the one he was living in.
I told him I had assumed
he rented the apartment.
He looked at me like “really”
Well, he didn’t look like a landlord to me…
I told him he had an option.
Accept Jesus and forsake his evil way
or refuse and die.

He told me nothing could kill him.
He had two rings on his toes and
as long as he continued sleeping with
ladies he would live a long full life.
I said okay.
I told him I would leave
but I wouldn’t come back for
any reason once I walked out
of his house.

I told him I felt he deserved
a second chance and all his
victims too will be set free
if he gave his life to Jesus.
His wife begged me to stay
and pray for him but he
was the one that needed
to decide which side he wanted.

After a few minutes, he turned
to my driver and spoke a
native language. My driver responded
in the same language.
(I don’t want to say which
language but it is a Nigerian language)

When they were done prattling, he said
“I have been told you are
a true man of God, please pray
for me”. I prayed for him and
led him to Christ. I prayed
for his wife too. They both
received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
I gave them two new bibles.
(They are both literate) and told
them to read the book of John.

By this time it was 11:30 am,
I felt my job was done
He said “There is something in
my room sir, do I need
to dispose of it?”
I said what?


His wife went in and brought
out a blue keg, about 15 liters
in size. He said “This is the water
from the village. All the handkerchiefs
I wipe the women with are washed
into a bowl of water and I pour
the water here.
The keg has never been emptied
since the year 2000 when my father
gave it to me”

I told his wife to pour
the content into the gutter in
front of their house.
I watched her do it.
When she was done, I told
her to throw the keg into
the waste bin in front of the house.
I assured her they had done
the right thing. I left their house
at 12:15 pm today, assured that another
family had been brought into the light.

Glory be to God!

PS: I am sharing this testimony
here for many reasons.
The chief reason being that Jesus
does not desire that any should
perish but that everyone should
come to repentance and accept
Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

It is also important that I announce
that all the victims of this man
has been set free and from
today their courses have been
set straight by the power of the
Holy Spirit.

Most important is the fact that
every one of us must come into the knowledge of Christ, this is the
only way such demonic realities
can be shut out of our lives.
You can not be neutral in this reality,
you are either a child of the day
or a child of the night.
You are either in the light
or in the darkness.
You are either saved or lost.
Jesus came that the lost may
be found, therefore you have no
excuse remaining in the dark groping
and stumbling from one calamity to the other.

The lady that the Holy Spirit ministered
to earlier today whose testimony led me
to this man was a journalist until
she slept with this man and her
life turned upside down.
She wasn’t even aware
she was under a spell until today.
She just felt things were not working
and the enemy was after her.
In Christ, you are protected from
such evils.
The sun cannot smite you by day,
nor the moon by night.
Jesus is the Word of God,
so incantations are a waste of time
over your destiny

If you want to give your life
to Jesus, rededicate your life or
get baptized in the Holy Spirit,
please send me a DM or reach out on
08072744871 (Whatsapp)
Jesus is the way, the truth, and
the life!
Outside of him, there is nothing
else that can ever work.
God bless you.

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