Missing God’s Plan?

March 10, 2021


Question: I have a question, sir,
If God has a Plan A that has been
preordained and it doesn’t happen;
this means God changes his mind.
Is plan B preordained too?
Did God have plan A and plan B in
his hands at the same time.
My mind is finding it hard to wrap
around this.
Answer: (This was a “relationship”
discussion so the answer was given
in that context)
There was a lady I met in the University,
300 level! She was in 300 level law.
She was in a relationship.
I was not in a relationship.
We worked together on a campus
conference project.
The Holy Spirit told me she is my wife.
One of our fellowship leaders took
me on a drive to one of the school’s
projects inspection tour a few days
He said “The Lord has laid it on my
heart that this lady is your wife”
I nodded
The following week the lady’s
relationship got broken
The guy was a poultry farmer.
She had a close friend in school,
they were not dating but they were
good friends.
That guy went off to serve around
that period too.
She was praying concerning her
marital destiny and the Holy Spirit
told her I will reach out to her with
a message.
I went to her school and asked her
to marry me!
She said she wanted to take some
time to pray about it.
I said okay
We became quite close
Calling each other several times
daily and acting all lovey dovey
with each other
But she was clear that it was only
friendship and not a relationship
I had assumed she was trying to
buy some time so that she will not
be accused of jumping out of one
relationship into another
So i waited patiently for one year
I graduated.
She came for my graduation dinner.
She sat beside me.
I wanted her to see that there was
no other lady in my life.
The graduation dinner was when
those in a relationship informally
declare their status.
Many cheats don’t participate in it
because things might get embarrassing
After the dinner, she slept in one of
our fellowship leader’s house on
The next day I asked her what her
verdict was
She was still dragging her feet.
I was 28. I wanted to marry at 30.
I needed to court my intended for
some time.
She had taken a whole year of friendship
without a yes.
So I called it off!
She thought it was a joke.
I was waking her to the university gate
and I said “If I don’t get a decision
before we get to the gate, I will be
honorably withdrawing my proposal”
she laughed.
We got to the gate.
I said goodbye.
Her bus took off! I cried.
That was it.
She called later that night to tell me
she had gotten back to school safely.
I was warm and appreciative
But I stopped calling and acting like a
boyfriend when I wasn’t one.
What is the point of bonding with
someone when there is no purpose
to the relationship?
She came back to Campus three weeks
later to see me. She wanted to know if
I can change my mind. I said no! By that
time I had come to realize that if I got
married to her it would seem like coercion
or blackmail.
I wanted someone who will accept me
as I am, not someone who will say
“And I didn’t want to say yes to you o”!
I moved on. I got married at 30!
She got married to the guy (Her friend)
that went for NYSC
They got married two years after i got
married in 2012
She reached out to me last year over an
issue with her son, I prayed with her and
her son got healed. She is blessed and
so am I
Nobody missed anything
If Mary had been deflowered the Saviour
would have come through another virgin
The Bible said a virgin shall conceive and
bear a child
The Bible didn’t say it has to be Mary

PS: Saul was God’s plan
David was God’s plan too
Peter was God’s plan
Paul was God’s plan too
Judas was God’s plan
Matthias was God’s plan too
For those of us who are walking
and living as led by the Holy
Spirit, God’s plan will daily be
revealed in us.
Conforming to the Image of
Christ is God’s plan
Those who are in Him can never
miss their way

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