March 27, 2021


The case was a nail biter
She was a medical doctor
She graduated top of her class
She got a job at one of the best
private hospitals in Lagos
Her pay was reasonable
She met him at a friend’s birthday
They were from the same state
He was a businessman with great
they got married after one year of
She was already 29 and had always
desired to have a family of her own
He was 34, he had waited for a
long time to get the right woman
She was it
She got pregnant immediately
after their marriage and delivered a
bouncing baby boy
Things got a bit tricky after then
She came from a wealthy home where
things were expected to be done in
a certain way
Her mother saw the evidence of some
struggle in their home and called her
attention to it
She told her mother things will get
better once she was able to write her
professional exams
She would become a consultant
and earn even more money
Her mother said “Okay”
But her mother had misgivings
She raised her daughter to be the
best and her daughter was the best
in her class
How come her daughter was not
enjoying the benefits of being the
Her daughter and her husband had
only one car between them
That was not what she was expecting
Her daughter’s colleagues had the
time to study for their professional
exams and most of them had become
Her daughter was still struggling
through life
When her mother got home, her
mother told her father what she
Her father decided to help out in
his own way
He approached the commissioner
for health and asked if his daughter
could be employed in the state’s
healthcare system
From experience, he knew those
working for state hospitals have
more time on their hands to prepare
for their professional exams than
those in private practice
He was told to write a letter to the
commissioner for health and he
did so
He called his daughter to explain
the steps he had taken to help her
The daughter told her husband
husband nodded
When they didn’t get any response
from the govt, the husband himself
called an older brother and asked
him to intervene with the commissioner
The older brother intervened
The commissioner looked into the
matter and she got employed into the
state government’s
She resigned from her job in Lagos
and started making arrangements to
relocate to their home state with the
Her husband’s business was in Lagos
and it cannot be moved
They had agreed that he would be
coming over to see them as often as
possible at her new station
A week after she resigned, she got a
message from their resident state’s
conflict resolution department
Her husband had written a petition
against her taking the children to
another state citing disruption of
their education and other things
She was shocked
They were sleeping on the same
He didn’t give her any indication
that he was not in support of their
She asked him about it
He kept mum and told her she
would find out what she did wrong
when she got to the meeting
They got to the meeting, he claimed
her family had taken over the
running of the marriage
Her parents had perfected a plan
to lure her and his children back to
their state and tear the family apart
He made it look as if she was a
puppet and her parents were the
puppeteers of her life and he
insisted he would not be led around
by the nose
The government officials told her
she couldn’t take the children as
long as her husband didn’t want
them to be taken
She cried all the way home
She had purchased their travel
ticket and all
Why the sudden change of mind
She called his older brother and
explained everything
After the discussion,
she realized he was not acting
His family members were in the
She called their pastor and the
pastor arrange a meeting
Her husband said she was returning
to her parent’s house with his children
and he would never permit that
The way he said it was how it
looked on the
surface and he insisted that was
how things truly stood between them
She was short of words
If he had told her to rent a flat in
their home town she would have
done so but he didnt
He didn’t even give her a cent in support
Her husband was suddenly against her
resignation and plan
to move out of Lagos
She knew he was influenced by his
family members to go against all her
plans and efforts
What she didn’t understand was the
reason behind the sudden animosity
That night, out of frustration, she
went into the kitchen and got a knife
She walked to their room
and woke her husband up
She told her husband calmly that if
he separates her from her children,
she would kill herself
Her husband was suddenly calm
and understanding
He told her she could have the
children and pleaded with her to
return the knife to the kitchen
The next morning, she took the
children to school
In the afternoon her husband picked
up the children and refused to
return home with them claiming she
was emotionally unstable and had
threatened to kill everybody with
a knife the previous night
Everybody that heard the story felt
like stoning her
she had no intention of hurting
anybody but what she did was
unwise and she had been taken
advantage of mercilessly
She pleaded and begged
She was summoned to sign an
undertaken by the state government’s
lawyer not to pull such stunts again
Her husband and the children returned
She traveled alone to resume the new job
it was the most painful season of her life
She cried every day
Her husband stopped picking her calls
and she resorted to talking to her children
through the housemaid
Her parents tried to talk to her husband
but he refused to pick their calls
There were certain issues that were
not so important before the whole
drama started which her husband
unearthed in other to play the victim
She reached out to the brother in
Jeans and T-shirt on Twitter
She wanted God to intervene
She wanted her home fully restored
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt met
with her husband
There was a lot of back and forth
He told his part of the story
She told her part of the story
He said he was all-in on the idea at
first but he suddenly realized it was
a bad idea when his wife’s family
took over everything
as if she was not married
He was very uncomfortable with the
idea of breaking his family up just so
that his wife can become a consultant
Other doctors were becoming
consultants in Lagos without having
to go back home and decimating the
family but his wife kept saying
“After all the efforts my parents had
put into this, how will I go back and
tell them I am no longer interested”
The husband felt it was better they
got a divorce and go their separate
ways than for him to be married
while his wife was living under her
parent’s roof with their children in
another state
He said the wife should resign
The wife said she cannot resign at
that time
He said she was prioritizing her
career and parent’s feelings or words
over their marriage
She said he was being unreasonable
The matter remained unresolved
that day
Everybody parted ways
A week later, the husband got a
court summons over the custody
of the children
They were on holiday and the wife
realized her husband was locking
them in with the housemaid every day
for fear that she might come and take
the children away
She insisted he was a poor caregiver
and the children were better off in
her care
Husband dragged the matter back
to the brother in Jeans and T-shirt
Another round of back and forth
They prayed
They got to court
Both sides talked vehemently against
each other
After the court hearing, they met
She was in tears
“Why are you so mean to me?
You know I love you and didn’t mean
you any harm”
She lamented
He hugged her
Then he kissed her
Then they took each other away
from the office
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt wish
he could turn into a fly and see what
they did to each other when they
got home that day
It would have made the story juicier
Long story short
The matter was resolved out of court
She took the children to her parent’s house
Her husband visited often…Very often
She is pregnant again…

PS: The Holy Spirit is a resolver of
deep conflicts, trust HIM

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