Mindset Reset

March 27, 2022


I was at a Sunday service
one morning, the pastor had invited
a minister of the gospel from another
parish for a special service that
day and the service was really
glorious. That man of God was
anointed. After the service, the man
went to the pastor’s office.
I saw many of our members
rushing to meet our pastor and
whispering in his ears.
They wanted to see the man of God.
They wanted him to prophesy
into their lives or help them
with some issues they were passing through.
The pastor told them
he will see what he can do.
He went to the office to meet
with this guest minister.

They had a short chat and
the pastor came out telling those
who want to see the “man of God”
to line up. Almost everybody did.
Those who didn’t wanted to
but they had something more
pressing to do at home and
had to leave.

I was a minister in this church,
I said okay, I will see this
man of God too. When I got
into the man’s office, I saw
One of our sisters in the choir.
She was weeping on her way
out of the man’s office.
I sat down.
The man looked at me and said
“You have struggled all your life,
you’re waiting for a breakthrough
and you don’t know when the breakthrough
will come
Don’t worry. Keep hustling,
one of these days you will
help a man push his car and
He will be a blessing to you.
You may not have much in life
but you will have food on
your table. You did a surgery
recently and the pain is coming
back to bother you, hmmm,
you need to fast and pray
for that affliction not to happen
again. Your family has been scattered,
but soon something will happen
to bring the family back together.
Is there anything you want
to ask me? Any question?”
I shook my head.
He said okay.
I said “Fine”
I left.
Everything this man said was a lie
I went to the sister I saw
weeping earlier
I said, “What did he tell you?”
She said “He said I have to
pick one between getting married
and getting my Ph.D. and I am
almost done with the Ph.D.
Does this mean God doesn’t want
me to get married?
I said “No”
He is not a prophet,
he has just been put in
a position that he ought to
reject by the pressure of the people.
His prophecy was not accurate and
he should have left after service.
She said “Why did you say that”
I told her what the man
told me and she began
to laugh. She couldn’t stop
laughing. Why?
I had given out 12 cars that
year and spent a lot in charity
(widows, scholarship, hospital ministry,
missionaries, prison, ministers, and
welfare) that year.
This lady is a member of the church
so she knows everything we were
doing. But this man only
saw a brother in jeans and
T-shirt and assumed I was a hustler.

Another sister came to meet us
while we were talking. She said
“The man of God said I need
deliverance from family curse
I said “Hmmmm”.
She said, “I suspect that I have
such an issue too because of the
pattern I have noticed in my family.”
I said “Which family”
She said, “I came from a
non-Christian background and
my parents were into a lot of
fetish things”. I said,
“When did you become born again?”
She said in 2005.
I said, can you tell me
which family you belong to
since 2005? She kept quiet!

It suddenly dawned on her that
she was speaking like someone
who was not “Born Again”
If she was still from that
background while we were having
that discussion, she would need
to be delivered out of darkness
into the kingdom of Light!
Then she would need deliverance
but the moment she gave her
life to Jesus she had been delivered
totally! Saved to the uttermost.
In fact, she had become the light.
Can you then deliver the light?
She said “But why did he
say I need deliverance?”
I said because you have
not been walking in the light
as you ought to by your
own definition of reality.
Even though you’re a believer
you are still experiencing the ills
that your non-believing mother
experienced and this invalidates
the reality of your new life.
So you assume you must need deliverance
after you have been
delivered. She said “So what do I do?
I said “Walk in the light”
She said, “How?”
I said “Change everything you
have been doing and how you
have been doing them. You have
settled into a pattern over the
years and this has affixed your
reality in a certain way. You need
to change everything and watch
what happens in your life”
She said “I will try that”
So she changed how she prayed,
I told her to affirm and declare
instead of fighting the enemy
She changed her friends,
I told her she must walk
with more positive-minded believers
with whom she will build new realities
and memories.
She changed her mindset about
the life she is living.
She became more positive, cheerful,
refused to worry, and delighted in
the Lord and his word!
It isn’t as easy as written
but that is the key.

We were expressly told how to think,
what to think, how to speak,
what to say and how to live in
the Bible. Read Philippians 4:8
on how to think and Colossians 4:6
on how to speak.
We were told what to be filled
with Ephesians 5:18
It changed her life.
The other lady with whom I was conversing
earlier also adopted this teaching and
it changed her life.
I have taught this to many
and it is changing their lives.

Just as we learned how to live
this life in the flesh deliberately
through our parents, we must learn
how to live in the reality of the
Zoe life deliberately too. We cannot
be doing the old things and be
expecting to experience the reality
of the new!

A Christian does not need deliverance,
if he or she is walking in a reality
that is not from above it is
because he or she is ignorant.
Knowledge is what he or she needs,
the accurate knowledge of the word
of God!
That word is a mirror,
when we look at it, we change
You can conduct deliverance service
for a witch or any other
unbeliever but not for a believer!
Again, if you lay hand on a
believer and he or she begins
to manifest, know that it is
because he or she has not been
adequately taught the word of God
and as such he or she is still
living in the old life while
professing to be a new creature.

Nowhere in the Bible was deliverance
done for members of the early church
Nowhere in the Bible was a believer
in the early church bewitched or
enchanted or attacked by any spirit
or demon. We have been given
power over that realm in its fullness.
Christ who is our head has triumphed
over every realm and he has given
us the power to rule and reign
in life. This is the accurate position
of the word of God on the
reality of a believer.

As for that pastor, I kept
quiet about everything that happened
because he is the father
in the Lord of the pastor
who invited me to that service.
My mouth is big but it is
not that big! I however kept
away from that church from
that day. I prefer to keep the
company of eagles than vultures!

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