March 15, 2022


There is no delicate way to
say this: The number of HIV-positive
people sending in prayer requests
has suddenly increased in the past
few months. I am not saying
more people are getting infected,
I am saying more infected people
are reaching out for help! I want
to ask all of us to please
be careful and conscious of our
decisions and the possible consequences.
We should also be mindful of our
partners and our children, if we really
love them we shouldn’t take risks
that could plunge everyone we love
and everything we have ever worked
for into chaos!

While it is true that the disease
could be contracted in some other
ways, sex is still the number one
factor. You don’t have the blood
of Jesus to protect you and your
confessions will not work when you
act contrary to their dictates
You cannot tongue your way out of
it, the best
thing to do is act wisely.

I have seen HIV healed by the
power of the Holy Spirit with evidence,
I have also seen AIDS kill
while friends and loved ones watched
helplessly. I know that human contact,
relationship, and devotion is at the
core of all of us. I know
intimacy, especially sex is a need
that pulls us here and there
on some days and sometimes even
threatens to drown us on some
extremely bad days. In all this,
being careful and exercising
restraint is a good thing.
Jumping from bed to bed
has grievous consequences to
the jumper and his or her spouse.

I must also say this, boldly,
that human nature is extremely resilient
and indefatigable. Imagine someone with
HIV sending a prayer request asking God
to provide him or her with a spouse…
(I am not condemning this please).
I am only saying I find it
very intriguing I would have
naively assumed all hope of love,
relationship, marriage, and the likes
would be lost but alas! It wasn’t.
The drive to live a full and
productive life remains and this is
a wonderful thing.
Finally, I counseled two ladies who
claimed they are believing Jesus
will heal them and as a
result have refused to take drugs
to heal them of the malady.
I personally find this to be foolish.
(Apologies for the strong language,
but it had to be stated)
If I am to travel to Abuja,
I can walk, run, ride a donkey, a
motorcycle, a car, a truck, a train
or fly.

The point is that I should
get to my destination eventually.
Divine healing is the best form
of healing but medicine is also
a proven way of healing. The point
is not to shun one for the other.
The point is to get healed.
I beg you to reconsider and
take your drugs. Another person said
she didn’t want her name
in the system as an HIV patient.
Pride kills, remember this!

When you need to get help
please do not hesitate to get it
and if you have to stoop to
conquer, please do so.

Finally, if you suspect your spouse
is cheating. Talk about it with him
or her, if he or she denies it
and yet your suspicion persists,
I beg you to go and get
tested for STI/STD. Once the result
comes in and you’re fine, please
get a pack of condoms and insist
that until your doubts are gone,
you will not be having unprotected
sex with him or her.
Be pragmatic, be real!

Jose Mourinho would rather defend
with eleven men than attack and
lose woefully to a better side.
Learn from him, prevention they say
is always better than cure.
I love you.


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